Zardari is my next target, thunders PM Imran in the face of no-trust vote – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that his “gun” was aimed at PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari.

The prime minister was speaking at a rally in Karachi for a day, where he held a meeting with the Central Government ally, the Mutahida Kaumi Movement-Pakistan leadership.

“My first target, which has been under my radar for a long time, is Asif Ali Zardari,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister also accused the former president of “using police and thugs to kill people” and engaging in theft, corruption and foreign money laundering.

He warned the PPP leader that “the time of Asif Zardari is near”.

The prime minister also said Zardari had allocated funds to help PTI members change their loyalty. “One of my MNAs said he offered me 200 million rupees,” he claimed.

He rebuked the PPP co-chairman for disguising a disease when the National Accountability Bureau summoned the hearing to the hearing for the hearing.

The prime minister pointed a gun at other opposition leaders, calling PML-N chief Shebaz Sharif a “bootswepter” and said the courts offered different excuses each time to extend the hearings.

“The time has come for you, too. You know that in the next three months you will be in prison,” said the Prime Minister.

He claimed that Shehbaz laundered billions of rupees on his son living abroad, adding that “we will recover money looted from the state treasury by Shehbaz’s son and son-in-law to further lower electricity bills.”

Imran ‘will not spare you’ to opposition

Speaking of the opposition’s proposal of no confidence in him, Prime Minister Imran said he was actually waiting for such a move, emphasizing that the move had led to the opposition’s “political death”.

“I’ve been fighting these thieves for 25 years because I’m fighting for my country.”

He said he has been busy “stabilizing the country amidst various chaos” for the past three and a half years, warning that the opposition must now prepare for his response.

“I was thinking of grabbing their necks somehow… God heard my prayers and they filed a distrust movement. Now they are trapped and their distrust movement will strike back against them.”

He said his plans to oppose the opposition were also “ready”.

“When we hopefully win [against] Confidence move, I won’t stop. I will pursue them (opposition) and spare them. My chained hands will now be loosed,” the PM thundered.

He claimed that his political rivals knelt before all foreign powers and criticized him for keeping silent about drone strikes during their tenure.

“They are the people who worship the god where the money is. They will never stand for the good of the country against the country where the money is stolen.”

The prime minister said Pakistan should seek friendly relations with all countries and would not oppose anyone, but said “I will not allow any country to act contrary to the interests of my country.”

He said the criticism of the European Union at Mail City on Sunday had overshadowed opposition criticism and only pointed to Pakistan’s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.

The prime minister vehemently criticized EU ambassadors for issuing statements calling for Pakistan to condemn Russia for Ukraine’s invasion of Ukraine. The prime minister questioned the bloc whether he wrote such a letter to India in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and revoking occupied Kashmir’s autonomous status.

‘I’m coming to take a look inside Sind’

The prime minister is due to visit the inland Sindh soon and has announced that his mission is to end the injustice committed by the “Zardari mafia over the past 14 years”.

He congratulated the Karachiites for the Karachi Circular Railway project and said more effects of the development package for the city will appear in the future.

He thanked the country that paid the highest taxes in the country’s history to a government that gave it the power to ease the burden on its people.

The prime minister said the country is on the right track with “high exports, tax collection, remittances and crop yields”.

Shah said, ‘This is Imran Khan’s last day.

The prime minister’s speech provoked a strong backlash from opposition leaders who said a prime minister’s day had been set.

When asked about his views on the speech, Prime Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said the prime minister had been threatening to object to the outcome for several days. “But do whatever you can in the next four or five days. There will be no chances. [to do anything] After that,” he added.

“This is Imran Khan’s last day,” he told the press in Karachi. “Your (PM Imran) time is over. Now it’s time for us to work for the people.”

Aurangzeb says PM’s body language is sinister.

PML-N Intelligence Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said today Prime Minister Imran’s speech and gestures made it clear that the opposition’s no-confidence measure would be successful.

“He talked about the political death of others (opposition), but his speech was not his own political death. [imminent]”, she said in an interview with the press in Islamabad.

Aurangzeb said the prime minister’s remarks were a sign that he was “not in a stable state of mind.”

She said that when the prime minister started talking about his “goals,” he believed he meant to reveal the employment opportunities and housing he had promised people. “But he [instead] He continued to make high-level claims against his political rivals.”

“Your curses, threats, and bullying will not affect your decision to distrust,” she said.

Aurangzeb dismissed the prime minister’s claim that the opposition’s agitation against him was part of a “foreign conspiracy”.

“Is inflation the result of a foreign conspiracy?” She added that the current political situation in which the PTI is losing support from its allies is in fact a result of the nation and its allies losing trust in their governments.

‘Is this the way the Prime Minister speaks?’ Ashraf asks

PPP leader Raja Pervaiz Ashraf criticized Prime Minister Imran’s “rude language”.

“The prime minister should know that if you don’t respect someone no one will respect you,” he said at a press briefing in Islamabad.

Ashraf added that the prime minister’s criticism of PPP co-chair Zardari has upset the party’s workers and supporters and will draw “disgust” from the prime minister’s comments about leadership in derogatory ways from supporters of other parties.

He especially regretted that Prime Minister Imran said his “gun” was now aimed at the Zardari.

“Is this what the Prime Minister is saying?” Ashraf poses a rhetorical question.