Yuzvendra Chahal says IPL team-mate dangled him from 15th-floor balcony – Newspaper

NEW DELHI: Indian bowler Yuzvendra Chahal says he was hung from a 15th-floor hotel balcony by a drunk fellow player in the 2013 Indian Premier League.

The incident occurred at a gathering where Leg Spinner, who competed in 61 one-day international matches in India, was part of the Mumbai Indians franchise.

Chahal previously claimed in 2011 that he was harassed by his Mumbai teammates when he was a prospect.

“We had a match in Bengaluru and then there was a meeting,” Chahal, now 31, said in a video posted Thursday by his current IPL team, the Rajasthan Royals.

“So there was a player who was very drunk. I won’t add or subtract his name. He was so drunk that he called me aside for a moment and then took me outside and hung me on the balcony.”

“I was holding him with my arms around his neck. If I missed my hand, we were on the 15th floor. Had there been a little mistake there, I would have fallen.”

Chahal said he was saved by people who ran to his rescue.

“Suddenly a lot of people came and took care of the situation. I fainted and they gave me water. Only then did I realize how responsible we are to go wherever we go.” In the video, the bowler spoke with fellow spinner Ravichandran Ashwin about a tricky off-field situation.

Former Indian all-rounder and manager Ravi Shastri said the incident should not be taken lightly and has urged players to be banned from play if they commit such violations.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Shastri, who oversaw the men’s national team from mid-2017 to last year’s T20 World Cup.

“Someone’s life is at risk and some people might think it’s funny, but it’s not funny to me at all,” he said. by ESPNcricinfo ‘T20 Timeout’ program. “It shows that the person you are trying to … is in an inappropriate state.

“If this happens today [give] Place life ban on the person involved and send the person to a rehabilitation center as soon as possible. Don’t let him come close to the cricket field again.”

IPL and the Mumbai Indians Franchise did not respond to requests for comment.

“It’s important to know what happened and what action was taken taking into account the seriousness of it,” said former Indian hitter Virender Sehwag in a tweet, asking Chahal to reveal the player’s name.

In a podcast earlier this year, Chahal claimed that then Mumbai teammates James Franklin and Andrew Symonds tied them up, taped their mouths, forgot, and left them in a room all night. In 2011.

Posted at Serb on April 10, 2022