‘Your game is over’: Maryam Nawaz to Imran Khan – Pakistan

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz told Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday that her “game is now over”.

“Your election prospects are bleak due to inflation and lack of governance. You know you have lost the game and the upcoming elections.”

In an interview with the press outside Islamabad’s High Court, she rebuked the prime minister for swearing at the opposition in her speech. “I heard his speech and he sounds like a loser. [in them].”

Maryam said all parties go through “this step,” but no one has ever used dirty language like Imran Khan. “You mock your opponent. You oppose Maulana Fazlur Rehman. You imitate Bilawal.”

And the PML-N leader keeps talking and the PM looks like a joker while doing the job. “I urge people not to let their children see such speeches,” Maryam said, emphasizing that Nawaz Sharif never “forsaken moral principles” despite the many ill-treatments she had faced.

“Four years is enough to show one person acting. Imran Khan should know that people showed him a red card.”

Referring to the no-confidence bill, she called it a karma for the prime minister. “You shouted Nawaz politics. Today the same Nawaz broke into your house and beat you up while sitting in a foreign country. Now you’re a visitor to one or two people.”

“You said you wouldn’t be threatened,” Maryam told the prime minister.

“You are a victim of your own arrogance. MakapateamalAnd it’s not a conspiracy.”


Maryam said there are “neutral waves” in the air these days. “We’ve heard this upset some people. We didn’t know that a single world would bring down your 22-year struggle.”

PML-N’s vice president argued that the PTI government and Imran Khan never allowed the Office of State Responsibility or the FBI to remain neutral.

“You always have a plot. You want someone to complete your numbers, someone to get you into the game, someone to manage the media for you and someone to manage all the institutions for you. .”

She points out that the PTI didn’t have enough numbers in the Senate election, but they won nonetheless. “Tell me what you did back then. Were you involved in the horse trade? If it was legal then, why is there a problem now?”

Maryam argued that neutrality was constitutional. “It’s a good move if someone asks you to comply with the Constitution.”

“Only God knows who will be elected as the new prime minister, but PML-N will be Shebaz Sharif,” she added.