‘You are the Mir Jafar I talk about,’ Imran tells PM Shehbaz in Jhelum power show – Pakistan

When PTI President Imran Khan spoke of Mir Jafar in his speech on Tuesday, he appeared to deny that the focus of the metaphor he often draws on is no institution, so Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ) is clearly mentioned.

Imran talked about Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq while speaking at a public gathering in Abbottabad on Sunday. The former prime minister said Shirazud Dhaulah had said Mir Jafar, governor of the Mughal Empire, had teamed up with England to overthrow the government. He linked the historical story of the treason to the way he lost his government last month.

Prime Minister Shevaz regarded Imran’s remarks as “slanderous” against the state’s institutions, accusing him of “conspiring a huge conspiracy against Pakistan”. President Moon Jae-in vowed to refrain from such criticism and take action at the National Assembly plenary session on the 10th.

Imran responded to PM Shehbaz’s warning at the new PTI Power Show in Jhelum tonight.

“A little shame. Shehbaz Sharif. You are the Mir Jafar I speak of.” Imran said.

‘The Army and the PTI are the only things that prevent division of the country’

Imran also claimed that the Pakistani army and his political party were the only two groups to prevent the country from “dividing” in the face of a propaganda campaign run by India.

He claims that India has established “600 media houses” and is being used for propaganda campaigns against Pakistan, particularly the military and itself.

“Why did India target the army and Imran Khan? Because they are the only ones [forces] That will keep the country it is today,” said Imran.

He claimed to have propagated against the two “because they (India) know Pakistan will not be divided as long as these two remain.”

Imran explained that the PTI was specifically targeted because it was the only “federal party” with representation in the country. He claimed that the PTI was the only party with the power to hold a “historical rally” within 10 days in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

‘With taxpayer money, the entire cabinet goes to London’

He said the prime minister had “good unions and partnerships” with his older brother, Nawaz Sharif. Imran said Prime Minister Shevaz criticized the military while “cleaning his boots”.

Imran also criticized the Prime Minister’s decision to travel to London with PML-N members to meet Nawaz. The PTI president denounced Nawaz as a “fugitive” and “convict” who “convened the entire cabinet to London”.

“This entire cabinet will go to London according to your plan. [tax] Money – they won’t spend their own money,” he told party members and supporters.

Imran will “get directions” from someone who “always flees the country whenever there is a problem,” the ministers said. That’s why the state got up and decided that “this importing government is unacceptable,” said Imran.

The PTI president said he wanted seniors, youth, women, children and families to participate in the planned march to Islamabad. He has revised his estimates of the march’s intensity and said it has risen from 2m to 2.5 million after interactions with the public.

He said the country was “waking up” and there would be only one demand for a new election after his march.

Imran thanked supporters for what he later referred to as “record turnout” for the Jhelum power show.

Chaudhry instructs the ‘gatekeeper’ to perform a mission.

Addressing the PTI chairman, party leader Fawad Chaudhry urged the “gatekeepers” to do their job and get the state to vote.

“Our country is our hometown, and its owners are the people who represent you (Imran),” he said. “The Dacoits attacked this house and when the dacoits attack, the chowkidars cannot be said to be neutral.

“The gel room chow down Carry out missions and conduct elections. This is the only solution to the crisis in this country.”

He warned that if no elections were held, hundreds of thousands would be “prepared to solve the problem on their own”.

Chaudhry seems to have warned: “Those who are under the constitutional duty of caution should act before the people.”