Woman sub-inspector’s suicide: Family blames senior police officers for her death – Pakistan

RAHIM YAR KHAN: Five days after Inspector Mary Rose committed suicide, her family denounced a senior local police officer for her behavior.

On Thursday, her grandfather Hadayat Masih told reporters from home that Rose was very depressed because she was not allowed to marry or leave.

He said there were two aspects to her suicide. Firstly, the local police (DPO) did not approve her vacation and her transfer to Lahore, and secondly, her husband, a police officer at Lahore’s Special Branch, put pressure on her. She decided to quit her job and come to Lahore.

Hadayat Masih made it clear that there was no difference between Rose and her husband Sarwar Masih, as police claimed, and said she committed suicide due to family problems.

He said that Sarwar wanted her to move to Lahore for a happy marriage with his family. He said that Rose did not want to resign and that she fell into depression and committed suicide.

She filed her leave application on March 8. She went to her DPO on the day of her death to inquire about her own application, and her DPO did not grant her leave because of her lack of police force, she added.

Hadayat Masih said his granddaughter did not quarrel with a police officer and returned home saluting the DPO with trembling hands, according to colleagues. She ate pesticides and died.

In memory of his granddaughter, Masih said that Rose never discussed her departmental and career issues with her parents or other family members.

He said she has the right to transfer to the city where her husband works and submitted her application for a marriage transfer eight years ago.

There was a policy to transfer the marriage under undeniable rules, but he added that he did not want any further action on the matter.

Rose’s mother also reiterated her grandmother’s claim that her daughter committed suicide due to in-departmental behavior and transfer issues.

Police (SP) chief of investigation Dost Muhammad said it was unfortunate because Rose was a brave and faithful investigator.

However, as a result of preliminary investigation, some domestic problems were the cause of the suicide, and the bereaved family’s claims were dismissed. He said her suicide note was found in her room mirror and more findings will be shared later.

Dost Muhammad said the police department was disciplined and all vacation cases were placed in the DPO’s orderly rooms, but in special circumstances, such as law and order matters, it is unlikely that vacation applications will be denied under normal circumstances. The constituency may suspend leave of absence for the time being.

SP claimed that Rose had visited her office the day before she committed suicide to get a check and that she was very calm.

Police spokeswoman Saif Ali Waynes went a step further and said: Serb that the deceased has not applied for leave or prior marriage in the last few days; But he said he didn’t know of any application in this regard in the last few years. He said it was not right to link her vacation or transfer issues to suicide.

Posted at Serb on March 18, 2022