Why did India fail to immediately inform about accidental missile launch? asks Pakistan – World

After India admitted to firing missiles “accidentally” within Pakistan, Islamabad questioned on Saturday why New Delhi failed to immediately share information about the incident, and only acknowledged and clarified the incident after Pakistan announced it. requested.

The delay on the Indian side was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) a day after Delhi expressed its regret in March last year when a missile fired from across the border landed in the Mian Channu district of Khanewal district. highlighted in one question list. 9. The Ministry of Defense of India said in a statement that an investigation into the incident was ordered.

India’s clarification on the matter came after ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) Secretary-General Babar Iftikhar briefed the media on Thursday in Delhi asking for clarification.

The FO noted that India accepted the missile accident, saying that India’s ‘simple explanation’ could not solve the problem.

“The grave nature of this incident raises several fundamental questions regarding security protocols and technical safeguards against accidental or unauthorized missile launches in a nuclear environment,” the statement said.

In this regard, he has listed a series of questions and concerns and said that the Indian authorities must answer them. The question is:

  • Actions and procedures to prevent accidental missile launch, and a description of the specific circumstances of the event.
  • Description of the types and specifications of missiles dropped on Pakistani territory.
  • A description of the flight path/trajectory of the accidentally launched missile and how it ultimately entered and entered Pakistan.
  • Are missiles equipped with self-destruct devices? Why did it fail to materialize?
  • Did Indian missiles remain ready for launch despite routine maintenance?
  • Why didn’t India immediately inform Pakistan of the accidental missile launch and wait for Pakistan to acknowledge it until announcing the incident and asking for clarification?
  • A description of whether the missile was actually dealt with by the military, or by some rogue given its serious “level of incompetence”.

The FO said the whole incident revealed many loopholes and technical deficiencies of a serious nature in India’s handling of strategic weapons.

“It is not enough just to decide on an internal investigation by India because the missile has reached Pakistani territory,” the FO said in a statement. .

The FO warned that, given the short distances and response times, misinterpretations on both sides could lead to a self-defense response with “serious consequences”.

‚ÄúPakistan therefore urges the international community to pay serious attention to this incident. [a] “It plays an appropriate role in removing the stringent nature of the nuclear environment and promoting strategic stability in the region,” the FO said.

Indian prosecutor’s office

The FO later issued another statement stating that the Indian delegation in Islamabad was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today on the matter.

A press statement from the Ministry of Defense of India regarding the “accidental launch” of an Indian missile due to a “technical malfunction” of March 9, 2022, and Pakistan’s “serious concern” over the decision to hold an internal trial, the FO said to have forwarded the allegation to the agent said.

“Cd’A has been asked to communicate to the Government of India that such a serious problem cannot be resolved with the mere explanation provided by the Indian authorities,” the statement said.

It added that Pakistan expects satisfactory answers and clarifications to several fundamental questions regarding security protocols and technical safeguards against accidental or unauthorized missile launches in a nuclear environment.

“Cd’A has been informed that India’s decision to hold an internal investigation was not sufficient because the missiles reached Pakistani territory. They will establish the facts surrounding the incident,” the FO said.

On Friday, national security adviser Moeed Yusuf questioned Delhi’s ability to handle sensitive technology and urged the world to consider whether India can ensure the safety and security of its weapons systems.

In a series of tweets, Yusuf noted that it took Delhi more than two days to accept the fact that “this was a missile ostensibly launched due to a technical malfunction during maintenance.”

He also called for an investigation into the “real situation” surrounding the March 9 incident “to determine whether this was an accidental launch or more intentional,” he said, saying “it’s hard to believe what this Indian government is saying.”