Voting on no-trust motion to take place after March 27: Senator Faisal Javed – Pakistan

PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan said Monday that a vote on the no-confidence bill for Prime Minister Imran will be held after March 27.

He tweeted that the “largest rally in Pakistan’s history” will be held on March 27 in Islamabad’s D-Chok in front of the Parliament House. Prime Minister Imran will give a “historical speech” at the rally.

“The vote on the no-confidence resolution will be held after March 27. The opposition will face total defeat. Trust in Prime Minister Imran Khan [increase].”

The opposition submitted a motion of no confidence on March 8 after several weeks of consultations and marathon sessions.

In addition to the submission of resolutions pursuant to Article 95 of the Constitution, opposition lawmakers submitted a request for convocation of the National Assembly pursuant to Article 54 (3) of the Constitution as one agenda item.

Under the Constitution, Speaker Asad Qaiser must convene the National Assembly within 14 days of submitting the notice of request, which means he must convene by March 22. A vote on a no-confidence motion must occur between: 3 and 7 days after the convening of the meeting.

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Earlier today, Minister of Planning and Development Assad Umar announced the date of the rally at D-Chowk, saying, “The world will see the people of Pakistan supporting their claim (PM Imran) for their freedom and sovereignty. .”

Last week, Prime Minister Imran urged people to gather at D-Chowk on the eve of a no-confidence vote at a public meeting in Lower Dir.

PTI later began preparing for the power show, with the Prime Minister forming a four-person committee led by Umar to oversee the preparations.

Expectation of ‘Sea of ​​People’

Separately, PTI’s media cell made a statement today, citing Umar, saying PTI is anticipating a “sea of ​​people” at its rally.

“We will welcome large crowds at D-Chok in Islamabad on March 27,” he said. “We will make history,” he said, urging party members and supporters to prepare for “the largest rally in Pakistani history.”

Umar said PM Imran will explain his “future strategy” at the event, asking PTI lawmakers, senators and local leaders to mobilize people to public meetings across the country.

He added that PTI MNA and additional secretary-general Amir Mehmood Kiani will oversee the preparations for the rally.

The minister said Prime Minister Imran was a symbol of “national unity” and “a message of terror to looters.”

He also said that while PM Imran led the country on the road to success, “a group of selfish people wanted to hamper these developments and push the country into decline.”


Earlier, PTI Central Office Manager Zahid Kazmi said: Serb Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s MNA met with Prime Minister Imran on Saturday afternoon, the latter forming a four-person committee to organize an open meeting.

He said all lawmakers from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi chapters were instructed to bring workers to public meetings and make it successful, like the one in Lahore in 2011.

Kazmi added that a committee was set up to prepare.

Meanwhile, former PTI MPA and local organizing committee member Arif Abbasi said the party has begun work to hold a public rally in front of the Capitol.

He said the PTI could gather more than 300,000 people from the Rawalpindi chapter and Islamabad if all party leaders and lawmakers worked within a few days.

“Each union council branch of the party has a goal of bringing in 100 people. There are 70 union councils in Rawalpindi, but the Tesil organization has been asked to bring in the maximum,” he said.

However, some local party members struggled with how to persuade people to attend the ruling party’s public rallies in a situation where life is miserable due to rising prices. Serb The report said.

Meanwhile, the PPP and PML-N have also asked workers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to prepare to come to the federal capital, the report added.