US senator Lindsey Graham calls for Putin’s assassination – World

US Senator Lindsey Graham called for “someone from Russia” to assassinate President Vladimir Putin after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in a TV interview on Thursday evening.

“How does this end? Someone in Russia has to step in and get rid of this guy,” the senator told the conservative. Fox News TV Host Sean Hannity.

He later repeated the phone call in a series of tweets, saying, “The only people who can solve this problem are the Russians.”

“Is there Brutus in Russia?” The senator asked, referring to one of the assassins of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar.

The former presidential candidate wondered if a “more successful Colonel Stauffenberg” existed in the Russian army, citing a German officer who failed to kill Adolf Hitler with a bomb in 1944.

“You will do a great service to your country and the world,” he added.

The senator, who has served in Congress for more than 20 years and has occasionally been closely allied with former President Donald Trump, introduced a resolution earlier today condemning the Russian president and his military commanders for “war crimes” and “war crimes” crimes against humanity. ”.

Ukraine says at least 350 civilians have been killed and more than a million have fled the country since Putin launched the invasion last week.

Moscow asserts that it does not target civilian areas, despite extensive evidence to the contrary.