Time has come to rid Sindh of Zardari, his coterie: FM Qureshi – Pakistan

SUKKUR: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Vice-President and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the time has come for the Sindh people to strengthen the hands of the PTI and get rid of the tyrannical feudal lords who have plundered public resources by the province of Zardari and his associates.

He was speaking to journalists and supporters when the party’s ‘March Huqooq-i-Sindh’ made stopovers in Kandhkot, Jacobabad and Shikarpur on Sunday.

In addition, PTI’s regional president Mr Qureshi and Maritime Minister Ali Zaidi and many central and local leaders of the party addressed numerous marchers at different places along the route.

Speaking to marchers in three villages, Qureshi said that the “Zardari group”, which destroyed the provinces during their 15-year reign, came out to correct the wrongdoings and hold the Sindh people accountable. their crimes.

He urged people to stand up against the group’s overburden and exploitation and make the PTI candidate a success in the 2023 general election, just as people in other provinces did in the last general election. “You have to listen to the voice of your conscience,” he said.

He told people that no one thought that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz would be ousted from the Punjab provincial government, but PTI did it with the support of the people and “buried PML-N and PPP” in the province.

“The time has come for the people of Sindh to stand on the side of the PTI and remove the yoke of the tyrant feudal lords who plundered the provinces of the Zardari group and Sindh,” he said. people with basic rights.

Speaking to people in Shikarpur, Qureshi said Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a man of character and his daughter Benazir Bhutto was a wonderful woman, but now Zardari has solidified his grip on the party. The PPP indulged in a politics of hate in Sindh, he said.

He issued a warning to Larkana’s local administration, saying: “It’s pathetic that a wise pastor in Sindh would use rude language about a decent guy, Imran Khan.”

He said someone like Imran Khan could be a con artist or a corrupt man who, with the help of funds raised from all over the world, developed a charity hospital for the people of his country.

Prime Minister Zaidi said the Sindh ruling party had turned into ‘dacoits’ and pursued a one-point agenda to loot Sindh. They didn’t do anything constructive for the Sindh people, he said.

He said PPP members occupied land and private property owned by the local government in Sindh. “We are here to ask the Sindh people to take a stand on PTI’s side in the struggle to hold PTI’s corrupt members to account,” he said.

During a brief stay at a party colleague’s home in Sukkur, Qureshi told the press that the PPP was no longer that of Benazir Bhutto, but that of Zardari.

“The law and order situation in Sindh was getting worse and worse. People are not safe even in Karachi’s house. They were bullied with guns, and looting and robbery became commonplace. Where is the local government?” he asked.

He told journalists that they (journalists) knew Sindh’s law and order better than anyone. He said maintaining peace is the state’s main task.

“During the 15-year PPP rule in Sindh, the province’s natural resources were plundered and the people’s constitutional rights trampled on,” he said.

He spoke of how the PPP, which had failed completely in Sindh, could do better centrally, urging the PTI to decide people’s fates by supporting PTI as they successfully run governments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Kashmir. Gilgit-Baltistan.

Qureshi asked, “How long until the people of Sindh are sold to the PPP, and how long will the locals allow the PPP to oppress them?” he added, adding: To get people out of the PPP rules.”

“We have come to your doorstep with Imran Khan’s message to support PTI in Sindh to bring true change and brighten the fate of Sindh,” he said.

Federal Minister Zaydi told reporters at a press conference that the Sindh government had not done anything constructive in 15 years. “The chief ministers, local ministers, parliamentarians and PPP members have become rich by eating up funds to develop Sindh’s health, education and irrigation infrastructure,” he said.

He said the Sindh government has created an anthropogenic crisis in the region that has ruined farmers and growers. Sindh people were looking for flour, sugar and food that were stockpiled in warehouses and other private places, he said, but the PPP government took no action against those involved in the hoarding, he said.

He said the PPP led by Zardari had committed record corruption and that even the head of the National Accountability Bureau had to admit that the NAB had recovered Rs 10 billion but still had to recover Rs 19 billion.

Posted at Serb on February 28, 2022