Talented Peshawar sisters have a dream to shine in Olympics – Pakistan

PESHAWAR: The two talented girls from Peshawar are working hard to build a bright sports career and have the cherished dream of bringing the Pakistani laurel wreath to the Olympic Games competition.

Years ago, when the family was struggling, Husna Awan and Hafsa Awan learned kite-making from their father to cover their educational and athletic expenses. In a conversation with this correspondent, the hard-working sisters talked about their sports career amidst tough life experiences and plans for the future.

The performances of the talented sisters at the KP U-21 game have recently attracted public attention as well as social media. This scribe caught up with them to share their success story with our readers.

“If paid, my talented daughters will expand the heights of success towards women’s empowerment and girls’ education. I want my daughters to focus on education and sports, but kite-making is compulsory,” father Gohar Ali Awan told the correspondent.

Husna and Hafsa excelled in the KP U-21 game and built a kite to cover the cost.

The two sisters, who have won multiple gold medals, said their father attended a local martial arts school in Suhailabad, just outside Peshawar, near their home, where they trained under a qualified coach for three years. The young girls excelled in as many as seven sporting events, including the martial arts of the KP U-21 game, as well as performing well in school.

Husna Awan, who shares her views, is sad that unfortunate times were surrounding the family several years ago when her mother lost sight and her father lost his job, but fortunately they soon learned great kite-making skills from their father at home, which helped him. Said with a note. It is financed to cover both education and sports expenses.

“The time came when we both started participating in various events of the KP U-21 Games and won several gold medals. Badminton is my strength, but I love martial arts. Kudos to our parents for encouraging us both to work hard. We make about 300 kites a day and earn enough to cover our expenses, but we still need financial support to support our parents because my mom is bedridden and her dad is unemployed,” Awan said. .

After attending classes regularly, the two sisters landed at Peshawar Stadium to play a variety of hastily games, then to a martial arts school, and finally sat at home making colorful kites that they sold at the Yakatot market to earn a living.

“We decided to participate in the Olympics and it is our dream to bring medals to Pakistan. The message we send to girls is that we believe that any girl can do it if we can excel in martial arts, academics and earn enough to cover our expenses,” said the passionate sister.

Hafsa Awan said, “We have been encouraged by the hardships of life, but the consistent support and guidance of our parents gave us courage.”

Posted at Serb on April 25, 2022