Sindh CM attributes rise in Karachi street crimes to ‘financial situation’ of country – Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Saturday that an increase in street crime in Karachi was due to the current financial situation.

In an interview with the Karachi press, the prime minister was asked about the worsening crime situation in the city, which he called “concerns”. Explaining possible reasons for the increase in crime, he said, in many cases, people involved in such incidents were “forced” to resort to such actions because of economic circumstances.

“One reason street crime is on the rise is that [present] financial situation [of the country]. But no one makes excuses, nevertheless the responsibility lies with us and we will do it.”

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He said that he had taken some recent steps to bring the situation under control and that he had received the necessary instructions from the police and that there is hope for improvement. He added that technical improvements for the Safe Cities project are also in the final stages.

CM Shah said in response to a question about a Karachi journalist who was shot and killed by armed robbers in Karachi suspected of kidnapping, he is investigating three or four other clues and will arrest the perpetrator soon.

The prime minister pointed out that the deteriorating legal and order situation is not limited to Karachi, but is a problem that most cities are experiencing.

CM Shah was also asked about many recent instances of bullying at Sindh’s educational institutions, which he described as “unfortunate.” He stressed that actions were taken to address the issue, from judicial investigations to changes to the agency’s administrative committee.

‘Street crime does not decrease significantly’

Earlier, Sindh Intelligence Minister Saeed Ghani also commented on the rise in street crime, saying that no “significant decrease” was observed despite police efforts.

Regarding the murder of journalist Ather Mateen, he said police are on the right track and that his killer will be arrested along with “a very large network of street crimes operating in this city”.

Like CM Shah, Ghani said that crime is also happening in other cities and that “choosing” Karachi is wrong.

‘The Sindh government responsible for increasing crime’

Meanwhile, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, head of Jamaat-i-Islami’s Karachi branch, argued that the Sindh government was responsible for the increase in crime in the metropolis.

“The Sindh government has a responsibility to protect the lives and property of its people,” he said in an interview with the press in Karachi. “They have deprived the city of education, health. [facilities] road and water. And now life and property are not protected here,” lamented Rehman.

He said Minister Sindh and the Police Inspectorate were responsible for the situation, adding, “I think the Rangers DG should also look into this matter.”

Karachi has seen an increase in street crime cases in recent years, with growing dissatisfaction in all sectors of society. It also called on the security administration to fail to contain these incidents.

Under these circumstances, the Sindh government abruptly dismissed Karachi Police Chief Imran Yaqoob Minhas last week after nine months and replaced him with his predecessor, Ghulam Nabi Memon.

On January 12, armed robbers killed a merchant belonging to a Hindu community and looted 7.3 million rupees he had withdrawn from a bank in the Clifton area. A recently married 28-year-old man was shot and killed by a lone robber while resisting on Kashmir Road, and a 50-year-old man was also shot dead while resisting a robbery bid in another criminal case near a Buraq gas station on the Superhighway. same day.