Sea of people in Islamabad to ‘sweep everyone away’ if elections not announced: Imran – Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan warned on Friday that the “sea of ​​people” marching to Islamabad “will wipe out everyone” unless the government announces an election date.

Imran said at a large public gathering in Mardan that he should realize that “fugitives” sitting in London are not allowed to make decisions about Pakistan.

Imran emphasized that what he is calling people to Islamabad is “revolution,” not politics.

Referring to Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Rehman as “three idiots,” the PTI director said they were American slaves with wealth hidden abroad. .

He insisted that the coalition government would soon approach the United States for help, adding that Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would also hold talks in the United States on the matter.

“It is the United States that eavesdropped on your mother’s phone calls when your mother shared details about your family assets abroad,” Imran said, referring to Bilawal.

He went on to say that the PPP chairman would “beg more money” from the US under the pretext of Imran’s return. [to power] If no money was provided.

“I know Americans very well… They say there is no free lunch. Everything has a cost and in a Pakistani context cost is what you provide them with. [military] base,” the former prime minister said.

Imran said his government will procure wheat and oil from Russia at a 30% discount, adding that “the current government is unable to trade with Russia because of US pressure.”

He said under the new regime, Pakistan would have to issue a statement against Russia because the US wanted it. The PTI director claimed he had heard the same thing. But we refused because we are a sovereign country and no one’s slaves.”

He urged people to break the shackles of fear and reach Islamabad. “America’s slaves imposed upon us will never allow us to become a great nation.”

Imran said he came to power in 2018 when the country was plagued with debt. Explaining his government’s “efforts” to get the country out of the crisis, Imran said he had approached “friendly countries Saudi Arabia, the UAE and China” to save Pakistan from bankruptcy.

The former prime minister added that reaching out to countries for loans is “embarrassed” and that “begging for money from someone will cause you to lose respect.”

‘Neutral’ didn’t stop ‘conspiracy’

He said the conspiracy to overthrow his government was carried out during a time of economic growth in the country.

“When I found out about the conspiracy, I went to the people who could stop it. I told them that our economy would collapse and suffer. Also, I sent Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin to inform those who say it is neutral. But unfortunately the conspiracy was not frustrated,” he said.

The term ‘neutral’ refers to the military, which has consistently insisted on neutrality amid political upheaval in the country since the proposal of no confidence in former Prime Minister Imran Khan was submitted on March 8.

Imran urges Chief Justice to form committee

Imran has asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan for a commission to investigate “an outside conspiracy” following a letter from President Arif Alvi to the CJP.

He said the proposed committee should hold public hearings as his party had previously requested.

The PTI director was threatened by Punjab Minister Hamza Shehbaz for conducting a corruption investigation into the Sharif family by Mohammad Rizwan, former director of the Federal Investigation Agency. He claimed to have died of a heart attack.

He also rebuked the CEC (Chief Election Commission) that if he abused his power and tried to protect the corrupt and the turncourt, the state would chase him. “A fair election is impossible in this CEC,” he added.

Imran has asked people to gather in the capital on the mission of not allowing “gangs of thieves” to be imposed on Pakistan.