Sanaullah says opposition in touch with more govt lawmakers than needed for no-trust move – Pakistan

PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah claimed on Saturday that the opposition was contacting “enough” government lawmakers who should “abolish” Prime Minister Imran Khan’s confidence vote in Parliament.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an opposition party to which Sanala’s party also belongs, secured 178 seats last year and plans to push for a bill of no confidence in the prime minister, who gained confidence in the National Assembly last year. Votes — 6 more than necessary.

At the time, the opposition didn’t have enough people to oust the prime minister, but Sanaullah is confident things will be different this time around.

In an interview with the Lahore press today, the PML-N leader said: well.”

The PML-N leader said members of the government were “embarrassed” at this and did not want to run into politics or run the next election with it.

He said the PML-N and other opposition leaders will decide and announce whether to go first in the Punjab parliament with a no-confidence measure or bring it in the middle first.

Sanaullah may have referred to a recent meeting, saying, “People with us are with us. Even if they later talk about them differently in front of the press, we have no complaints about it.” After the meeting between the PML-N and PML-Q leadership, PML-Q’s Moonis Elahi publicly assured the Prime Minister there was no need to worry about the meeting.

Sanaullah said the opposition is in talks with the government’s allies and “we have full confidence in it.”

Questioning the government’s continued position not to face opposition threats, the PML-N leader said, then, why it is increasing the number of ministries and distributing development funds to other constituencies.

“This proves what they said. [about us] Wrong… We will succeed in the act of distrust along with the people’s prayers.”

He also said the opposition was not looking at any “finger finger” and demanded that no “finger” be involved in the political process. He emphasized that “politics belongs to the party,” and that all institutions must work within the limits of the constitution.

Sanaullah said, “If all institutions do this, it will make no difference whether there is a presidential system or a parliamentary system.”

Parliamentarian PML-N also vehemently criticized Prime Minister Imran’s Mandi Bahauddin speech, arguing that the prime minister was interested in crushing opposition parties and dissidents such as Mohsin Jamil Baig and the opposition rather than focusing on the country’s law and order issues.

Sanaullah also criticized the government for “not providing evidence” in registered complaints and cases against him and opposition parties such as PML-N Chairman Shehbaz Sharif.

‘Imran Khan will go home before March 23’

PML-N Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb made similar remarks to Sanaullah at a press conference in Lahore today.

Addressing the prime minister, she said, “The state has rejected you.” You will see how many PTI employees have been left with you in the no-confidence move. As for this few remaining rental spokespersons, not a single one will stand with you when you lose your seat. [of power].”

Aurangzeb said it was time for Imran to return home before the long march of Pakistan’s pro-democracy movement towards Islamabad on 23 March.

She also said the preparations and strategies for the opposition’s no-confidence measures were complete. “Today is the right time for the opposition and its people to unite and prepare to send them home,” she added.