Reference against Justice Faez Isa was a mistake, admits Imran Khan – Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said Monday that the PTI government’s decision to make comments on Supreme Court Justice Kazi Paez Isa was “a mistake” and “should not have been unnecessarily confronted with the judiciary.”

In an informal meeting with reporters, he said: Ari News’ Abdul Qadir, Dunya News’ Umar Jutwa Sama TV Abbas Shabbir at his Bani Gala residence.

According to reporters, the former prime minister talked about several topics during the 1.5-hour conversation, including allegations of selling Toshakana gifts, the appointment of the chief election commissioner and a visit to Russia.

Comments on Judge Isa came from the Ministry of Justice, saying that Khan has no “personal hostility” with anyone in the judiciary. Express News Reporter Rizwan Ahmed Ghilzai tweeted.


According to report by ari newsKhan said he could see a record of every gift he bought from Toshakhana and that anyone who has evidence of corruption should present it.

He said a foreign president sent a gift to the Bani Gala mansion. The gift was kept in Toshakhana. Toshakhana is a department under the administrative control of the Cabinet Office that stores valuable gifts given by other prime ministers to rulers, legislators, bureaucrats and officials. It marks government, national and foreign dignitaries as a gesture of goodwill.

He added that he bought it back at 50% of the futures price. “My gift, my choice. If I wanted to make money, I would have made millions by declaring my house as a camp office, but I didn’t,” Khan said. ari news reporter.

editorial: Toshakana Saga

“I thank God for the fact that all they have done to me in these three years (of reign) is this Tosakana gift scandal that has already been documented,” he said. ari news report.

Last week, Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif alleges that the former prime minister sold in Dubai expensive gifts he received from foreign countries, including watches from Saudi Arabia.

“It is not a crime to sell one’s assets (after buying them in Toshakana),” the prime minister’s allegations were in a statement backed by former intelligence minister Fawad Chaudhry.

‘Establishment gave us three options’

According to report by Sama TV, the former prime minister said the vested interests gave him three options, of which he chose early elections. Earlier this month, he cited resignation and facing a bill of no confidence as two other options.

Reporter Abdul Qadir denied in a tweet that Khan had never asked anyone to end the political stalemate as a vote of no confidence against him was imminent.

“After meeting the senior management, the establishment talked about three options,” he said.

Khan’s claim that the vested interests provided the option comes days after the inter-Services Public Relations (DG) Director-General Babar Iftikhar has asserted that Khan had approached the military leadership and that “there were no existing options.” will be. given.”

Meanwhile, according to Ghilzai, Khan is keeping silence “because Pakistan needs a strong and united army”, adding that a strong military guarantees Pakistan’s security.

Former Prime Minister Lee also said he would not say anything that could harm the country.

Khan also said he had called his chief of staff Kammar Javed Bazawa ahead of his two-day visit to Russia in February. Sama TV report.

It is reported that former Prime Minister Lee also temporarily stopped reporting on the meeting with the military leadership on the night he was evicted after explaining that he had never met anything other than an anchor and party member on the last night of his reign.

His comment came a few days later. BBC Published a story that supposedly describes the events leading up to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ouster.

The story claims that “two uninvited guests” arrived by helicopter at the PM House with special security details and had a 45-minute private meeting with Khan.

The biggest argument in the story, citing government sources, said the meeting was not enjoyable. “Just an hour ago, former Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an order to fire one of the high-ranking officials present at the meeting,” the name was not disclosed.

This story was later rejected by the military’s press affairs department, which was dubbed “completely unfounded and a mass of lies.”

CEC appointment

Khan said the name of incumbent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja was “proposed by vested interests” after a deadlock between the then government and opposition parties, according to Jutt.

In a separate tweet, the reporter added that Khan shared that the PTI would submit a reference to the CEC, adding that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) showed “incompetence” for not completing the divisions on time because there were early elections. . delay.