‘Ready for what I will do?’ PM Imran warns opposition of consequences if no-confidence move fails – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned on Sunday that the opposition should prepare what he will do if a bill of no confidence in him fails.

The opposition coalition, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), is currently in the process of finalizing an impeachment proposal for the prime minister.

At a public meeting held today in Mailsi tehsil in Vehari district, the prime minister gave a hardline speech and commented on plans to oppose him.

“I got into politics 25 years ago to fight them (his political rivals). [my last breath]. I will face them and be perfectly prepared for anything. [they throw my way]”He said.

“But I say to the band of thieves, what am I ready to do to you if your no-confidence scheme fails?”

The prime minister then individually nominated key political rivals and asked about their qualifications and motives. “First, there is Nawaz Sharif, the number one crime,” he said. He said PML-N Supremo delivered Bollywood-level performances when he was sentenced to prison by the Supreme Court.

“If the PML-N worker is listening, pay attention. How Other (Jackal) Become a leader? Have you ever heard that a leader is one who runs away with his tail between his legs?” Prime Minister Imran added that this is the second time Nawaz has left the country. General Pervez Musharraf.

He turned the gun to PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif, saying that the best way to learn about the young Sharif is to ask Maqsood. chaprasi (peon), an account suspected of being used by the Sharif family for money laundering.

He added that the family had figured out the “skill” to play on either side of the turnstile. “The thief and his daughter say bad things about the army, and Shebaz cleans every shoe he sees.”

The prime minister advised the PML-N president that times had changed. “Whatever you do, you will have to answer how 16 billion rupees were deposited into your servants’ accounts.”

He said Shehbaz tried to rush a no-confidence measure because he was afraid of going to jail.

Speaking of PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari, the Prime Minister said he was notorious for being “Mr. 10%” during the tenure of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. He added that international publications and books have detailed the history of Zardari and Nawaz’s corruption.

“The same Zardari was imprisoned twice by Nawaz on corruption charges,” he said.

Speaking of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of Pakistan’s Democratic Movement (PDM), he said he would not call himself Maulana. Because it is a title for educated, honest, and godly people.

“He brought the Madresa children to the protest. When the media asked the children why they were there, they said, ‘Because Imran Khan is a Jewish agent.’ […] Fazlu What need the Jews to conspire against Pakistan with you and your band of thieves?”

“Why do the Jews need to conspire? You are enough,” he said, accusing Rehman of “making money in the name of religion.”

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz responded to the prime minister’s ridicule on Twitter this afternoon, asking why he “sounds collapsing and hysterical.”

“The game has only just begun and you have already lost! Show your sportsmanship!”

She also talked about how to “get your sanity when you see power drain from your hands.” She said the prime minister was the first to use insulting language at opposition leaders and followed her by saying Madina state was the foundation of her morals.

Meanwhile, Shehbaz said the PTI government is “not running out of absurd ideas to cover up incompetence, corruption and huge failures.”

“People are suffering from bad policies, not conspiracies. They always find justification for everything when they live in their own bubble,” he said.

Prime Minister criticizes EU for calling on Pakistan to condemn Russia

Prime Minister Imran criticized European Union (EU) countries for asking whether Pakistan considers Islamabad a ‘slave’ at a special session of the UN General Assembly recently held.

The prime minister, referring to a letter written by EU special envoys earlier this week, urged Pakistan to vote against Russia at the UNGA session.

“Did you write the same letter to India?” asked the prime minister.

“When India broke international law in occupied Kashmir, has anyone cut off with India or stopped trading? Are we your slaves? He thundered.

Prime Minister Imran said Pakistan would not support any country at war, but “will be one step ahead in supporting all those who yearn for peace.”

“We have friendly relations with the United States, Russia, China and Europe. We are not on any side. We are neutral, so we will try to work with these countries to end this war in Ukraine,” he said.

He emphasized maintaining Pakistan’s sovereignty, saying there have been no drone attacks in Pakistan since becoming prime minister.

“If anyone tries to attack a drone, they will ask the Pakistan Air Force to shoot down that drone.”