Punjab Assembly session to elect new CM delayed amidst ruckus – Pakistan

The Punjab Provincial Parliament (PA) meeting, which was scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday to elect a new prime minister, was postponed due to chaos within the parliament, with members of Pakistan’s Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) and PML-N attending. . face to face.

Both parties chanted their slogans, and PTI members lotus on the opposition bench.

When Vice-Chairman Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari, who was scheduled to chair today’s meeting, entered Parliament, he was attacked by members of the Treasury, lotus I turned to him in a circle. Mazari was immediately taken to his room by a rally guard.

To control the situation inside the house, Punjab SSP Operations, accompanied by a large police contingent, wore civilian clothes and entered the rally, but later exited the hall after Elahi’s protests.

Meanwhile, Punjab’s chief secretary and IG arrived at Mazari’s room to make plans to resume the PA session.

Elahi, inside Parliament, accused the PML-N of bringing the police into the legislature “for the first time since the creation of Parliament.”

“Who’s the police officer going into the rally?” The PML-Q leader said. He went on to say, “I will have the Chief of Police (IGP) appear before us and I will punish him for a month.”

In a speech to the press outside the Punjab parliament after the riots, PML-N leader Ataula Tarar denounced Parvez Ellahi and his “gang” for everything that happened inside the parliament.

“What happened today is a grave violation of the law and the Constitution,” he said. “Today the vice-chairman was attacked. This is a terrorist incident. I heard that Chaudhry Parvez Elahi wants to kill one or two.”

He added that Elahi encouraged the MPA when they attacked the vice-president.

Tarar urged the Lahore High Court to receive suo motu notice of the case and take action against the perpetrators. “We’re here and we won’t move until midnight.”

Court “cannot intervene”

Elahi, meanwhile, said the constitution prevents courts from interfering with assembly proceedings. He said in an interview with the press that all of the problems started with the courts intervening in the matter and questioned how the courts could define what might and might not happen during the proceedings.

He added that “the power of the vice-chairman rests with the speaker of the National Assembly,” adding that the chairman can delegate his powers.

He said he delegated his powers to the vice-chairman when he ran for the local prime minister. “He resigned for free and fair elections. [But] “If the Vice-Chairman abuses his powers in the wrongful support of the courts, I will challenge it,” he said.

He went on to say that the Lahore High Court suspended his powers as Speaker of the House of Representatives when the Vice-Chairman ordered the meeting to proceed. “This is illegal,” he said.

He added that the actual “fight” took place after the police entered Congress. This has never happened before in the history of the country. “I don’t think there is a greater blemish in democracy than this,” he said.

He regretted the fact that members of the Treasury had taken bribes to change sides after promising money and ministries. “They were moved to three hotels, where [to the assembly] on the bus.”

Politicians condemn Mazari attack

The attack on Mazari and the commotion inside the local council have been strongly criticized by the government and PML-N leaders.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif declared violence within the parliament “fascism”, calling the attack on the vice president “to be condemned in the strongest possible terms”.

PML-N VP Maryam Nawaz went next, accusing PTI of relying on “hooliganism” in the face of defeat. “Whatever you do, you will be given the rights of Punjab today,” she promised.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said the attack on the PA Vice President was an attack on the courts, democracy, constitution, federal and the people of South Punjab who decided to hold elections today.

PML-N leader Asan Iqbal said: “Imran Niaj is hell-bent. [on creating] Anarchy at all levels,” he added, adding that the former prime minister was trying to follow Hitler’s disciple.

PML-N’s Rana Sanaullah, on the other hand, called for action against PTI and PML-Q leaders for “contempt of assembly.”

Meanwhile, writer Hina Parvez Butt warned that what happened at today’s rally is being witnessed worldwide. “Pakistan’s image is being lowered,” she regretted.

The uproar in the Punjab provincial parliament was also condemned by the parliament today and a resolution was passed calling for an end to the ‘trend of violence’.

tough competition

Fierce competition for the top spot is expected between ruling coalition (PMLQ and PTI) candidate Parvez Elahi and joint opposition candidate Hamza Shehbaz. Both candidates arrived in PA in the morning with their supporters.

Elahi is currently Speaker of the House of Representatives, but he cannot preside over the meeting as he is one of the prime minister candidates.

Sophisticated security measures have been put in place inside and outside the National Assembly to prevent any unpleasant incidents before and after the election of the prime minister. Paramilitary rangers were also called in to assist the police.

Mazari, who returned to office after the Lahore High Court overturned Chairman Elahi’s withdrawal order, told reporters that he would make sure that “fair and transparent” elections were held today, ahead of the proceedings.

“I’ve given journalists access to the rallies so they can see how the rallies are going,” he said.

Efforts may be made to delay the vote further, but “remember that there will be no pressure,” the vice-chairman said.

At today’s meeting, he said anyone can vote, including MPAs who are leaving the party. “According to Article 63-A, North Korean defectors can vote,” Mazari added. “After the session, the party leader will see what action they need to take.”

Meanwhile, PTI-PML-Q candidate Elahi has expressed disbelief in Mazari, saying that he will prove at his meeting today whether Mazari was honest or had “other intentions”. Previously, he had accused the vice doctor of extorting money from Hamza.

magic number

To be elected Prime Minister, at least 186 out of 371 members are required. In the Punjab Parliament, PTI has 183 MPs, PML-Q 10 members, PML-N 165 members, PPP 7 members, 5 independents and 1 Rah-i-Haq.

The decisive factor in the election is expected to be the support of Jahangir Tarin, who has around 24 MPs, and the dissident PTI members of the Alim Khan group. Both groups have already announced their support of opposition candidate Hamza Shebaz.

Meanwhile, Serb The PTI coalition candidate, Parvez Elahi, has failed to gather the support of the 186 MPA needed to win the Prime Minister’s Election, reports that he now expects no joint opposition to show a magic number.

According to a dissident PTI member who requested anonymity, PML-Q’s only hope is for the opposition to fail to mark 186 MPA for Hamza Shehbaz’s election and both sides go to ‘final’ elections, with more MPA on the flanks.

“All 24 dissidents [PTI] The MPA is with an opposition party that has been hurt by the party leaders who have been in power in Central China and Punjab for three years and eight months,” the MPA added.

Elahi’s spokeswoman Fayyazul Hassan Chohan said the candidate with 186 votes would become prime minister, and the candidate with more member support would be Punjab’s prime minister if no one showed the magic number.

He urged dissident MPAs to return to political parties because under the law they would not receive any benefit from the PML-N government. Instead, Chohan said he would step down and be disqualified through Pakistan’s Election Commission (ECP) process.

He claimed that dissidents began contacting Ellahi because his family was being pressured by former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s popular popularity.

Confusion surrounding the CM election

The Punjab parliament had to elect a new representative after Usman Buzdar resigned last month. However, the election was later suspended.

Because Elahi ran for the CM election, he was unable to assume the role of Chairman of Parliament, after which the role of Chairman was transferred to the Vice-Chairman.

The voting, which was originally scheduled to be held on April 3, was postponed by the 3rd due to turmoil from the opposition parties and government lawmakers inside the National Assembly. Later, Vice-Chairman Mazari issued another notice, further delaying the meeting to April 16th.

However, in the late night development of April 5, Mazari replaced the previous order and convened a meeting on April 6 at 7:30 PM.

Mazari’s sudden change of mind to holding the meeting before April 16 has been dubbed the ‘manual’ of the PML-N leadership, who courted him with a ‘good offer’.

Amid confusion over whether the April 6 meeting would be held, Ellahi declared that the vice-chairman’s ‘order’ to convene the meeting by exercising the chair’s authority was ‘illegal’.

The PML-Q leader also ordered the revocation of the powers delegated to Mazari, while fellow members of the PTI-PML-Q coalition submitted a motion of no confidence to Mazari.

Meanwhile, the assembly area was sealed off with barbed wire and a police contingent was deployed outside. Opposition lawmakers, who wanted to go inside the building to proceed with the process, couldn’t. As a result, the joint opposition held its own mock meeting at a private hotel in Lahore on 6 April, where PML-N claimed 199 votes, claiming that Hamza was “elected” as prime minister.

The matter was later taken to the Lahore High Court by Hamza. He called for immediate “free and fair” elections.

At the hearing that followed, LHC CJ Ameer Bhatti ordered Mazari to restore power and hold elections on a fixed date, April 16.

However, Elahi challenged the decision. Yesterday, a two-person bench made up of Supreme Court Justices Shujaat Ali Khan and Justice Jawad Hassan rejected the PML-Q leader’s solicitation and directed the Vice-Chairman to hold an election.

The bench also directed Mazari to assist national/international observers, journalists, representatives of the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency, the Free and Fair Election Network and other organizations during the election period.

He also ordered the Punjab State Secretary and the Provincial Police Chief to ensure good security for today’s elections.