Punjab Assembly session adjourned till Sunday – Pakistan

The Punjab Parliament (PA) will vote on Sunday (tomorrow) to find a new Minority Leader following Usman Buzdar’s resignation.

The development came after a four-hour delay after today’s meeting was briefly held under slogans from both opposition parties and the Treasury’s bench. The subsequent meeting has been postponed until 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Punjab Parliamentary Chairman Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, PTI candidate for Prime Minister vacancy from PML-Q but vacant, chaired today’s meeting, as was PML-N candidate Hamza Shehbaz.

Upon arriving at Parliament, Elahi responded positively to reporters’ questions about whether she could win more votes in the battle for Punjab’s minister.

Meanwhile, Hamza added that the ultimate goal of the opposition’s efforts will not be to secure a minister, but to build a roadmap for the overall improvement of the province.

Jahangir Tarin Group Announces PML-N’s Support for Hamza

Later during a press conference with Hamza, Punjab MPA Nauman Langrial officially announced the Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT) group’s support for PML-N descendants for the Punjab Supreme Ministry.

He added that this group of PTI dissidents made a decision “honestly, sincere, for the country” and hoped Hamza would serve the province well.

Langrial said the group would “fully support” Hamza, but “will point out misbehavior and also try to stop them.”

The JKT group leader accused the outgoing Prime Minister Buzdar of promoting corruption and damaging the PTI.

Before the session began, PML-N’s head Uzma Bukhari said today’s voting would return the powers claimed to be “stealed” from PML-N.

“Today, our rights and orders given to us by the people of Punjabi will return to us with the success of Hamza Shebaz. [in the chief minister vote],” She said.

Buhari also criticized Ellahi, claiming he was trying to influence the vote. “This attempt will not be successful,” she added.

The position of Chief Minister of the largest state became vacant on Friday after Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar accepted the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, followed by an immediate PA meeting today to elect a new provincial chief.

But on Saturday, Punjab Parliamentary Minister Muhammad Khan Bhatti said there would be no voting today to elect a new Punjab prime minister. In an interview with Lahore’s press, Bhatti told Lahore’s press that today’s plenary will only announce the schedule and “there will be no one there. [other] progress.”

Bhatti didn’t say why the vote won’t take place today, but he said it’s the parliamentary chairman’s right to set the vote on Sunday or Monday.

He said the management advisory committee will meet today to decide when a prime minister will be elected.

After accepting his resignation, the Punjab government did not notify CM Buzdar, but in the same notice allowed “to remain in power until his successor comes to power”. In a series of notices, the local government also designated all 37 local ministers, five prime minister’s advisors, and five special aides to prime ministers.

Buzdar submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Imran Khan on 28 March.

After Buzdar’s resignation, PTI announced PML-Q’s Chaudhry Pervez Elahi as Punjab’s prime minister.

The move came as the ruling party stepped up its efforts to secure alliance support ahead of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister against the backdrop of several PTI alliances joining the opposition.

A crucial ally of Punjab and the centrist PTI government, PML-Q later confirmed support for the ruling party with 10 and 5 seats respectively.

To be elected Prime Minister, at least 186 out of 371 members are required.

In the 371 Punjab Provincial Parliament, PTI has 183 MPs, 10 PML-Q, 165 PML-N, 7 PPP, 5 independents and 1 belongs to Rah-i-Haq.

To at least put these many lawmakers on his side, Elahi said he reached out to PTI’s disgruntled Jahangir Tareen group. Serb report.

Other Serb According to reports, Elahi also approached another disgruntled PTI group, commonly known as the Chheena group.

According to the report, Elahi also stepped up efforts to win support from disgruntled PML-N members in the local council. According to the report, several PML-N lawmakers, including Niaz Khan and Faisal Niazi, called in Elahi to confirm their support.

The opposition was vigilant

The hastily convened PA session stunned the opposition. Both sides claimed they had won the support of state legislators to win 186 of 371 MPs to secure Punjab’s highest office.

The PML-N was approved by the party’s top councilor to confirm the name Hamza Shehbaz.

The PTI camp, now led by Elahi, has entered into deep consultations and operations with the MPA across political divisions. The coalition in power was bustling with activities, including meeting visitors, calling several lawmakers, and finding time to visit PML-Q’s top leadership for solid support.

PTI and PML-Q also held a joint National Assembly meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office and showed the power of 150 MPA, including those belonging to PML-N.

A senior PML-Q leader said, “We have secured the endorsement of the MPA to achieve the magic number of 186 votes defeating the joint opposition in the prime minister election on Saturday (today).” However, Rana Mashhood, president of PML-N, argued that there was division among PTI lawmakers. Because many lawmakers were annoyed that a party with only 10 MPA could get a seat in the CM.

Tarin and Cheena Group

The disgruntled factions of the ruling PTI, better known as the Jahangir Tareen and Chheena groups, are seen as decisive factors in the Punjab chief executive election.

The Chiena Group, which has 14 MPAs, announced its support for the prime minister after Ellahi visited the home of group leader Gazanfar Abbas Chiena.

One PML-Q leader asserts that “the Parves Ellahi group has wooed many of their 17 MPAs so far under the leadership of Jahangir Tarin,” and that many will have to leave the Q-League to join the PTI ahead of 2018. explained. Election is back.

The PML-Q leader said that given Elahi’s political standing and respect for the political divisions demonstrated in the Punjab House of Representatives election, many PML-N lawmakers approached Elahi and expressed their support in Saturday’s election. The five PML-N MPAs flaunted by PML-N are also on the side of PML-Q, and four of the five independents also support Elahi, another PML-Q leader claimed.

“Calling the Punjab parliamentary meeting immediately and holding elections early the next morning is part of the government’s plan to keep the opposition from vigilant,” the PTI leader said. Serb Anonymity is requested.


The PML-N called the MPA to the party secretariat as the opposition’s senior leadership was calling for support from the Jahangir Tarin group. Opposition parties had already hinted on Friday evening that they would not offer top positions to the Jahangir Tarin group.

Meanwhile, four of the 165 members of the PML-N have fled North Korea to form a group under Jalil Sharqpuri.

“The PML-N leadership has proposed the ministry to the Tarin Group MPA with up to 17 members and the party vote for the next ballot. Aleem will be happy if the new government doesn’t bring a lawsuit against him,” the source said.

PML-N appeared worried about Elahi’s move to ‘poach’ the MPA. “There are reports that PA speaker Mr Elahi has contacted several MPAs. He has good relations with opposition lawmakers, doing his best to secure the support of some lawmakers. [PML-N MPAs] To secure his victory,” said PML-N State Assemblyman. Serb.

According to PML-N sources, the PPP, which received seven votes in the local council, sought the positions of governor and chairperson in the PML-N. “The PPP will fully support our candidate. There was already agreement between the leadership of the PML-N and the PPP on the formula for the division of power in the post-PTI government scenario. The PPP will get speakers and ministries in Punjab or in the office of governor,” said a PML-N insider. Serb.

He said: “There were other names for the powerful Jehangir Tareen group for the slot, but this ’24 hour notice’ led us to a consensus on the opposition leader. [for the CM slot].”

He had previously said that his son Hamza should not be considered as the top candidate because, if a no-confidence bill is passed in the PML-N class, party leader Shehbaz Sharif will replace Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said he had an opinion. Post in Punjabi.

“Some of the PPP leaders have also questioned the father-son duo who holds the top positions in the Center and Punjab when this proposal is discussed at a joint opposition meeting,” he said. One of them (PPP leader) asked PPP leader Asif Zardari to speak with PML-N head Nawaz Sharif to provide PPP with a CM office for a temporary period.

At the same time, dignitaries from the joint opposition could not find time to think much about the Tareen group’s request to consider Bhakkar’s Saeed Akbar Nawani for the CM slot. Similarly, the disgruntled PTI MPA Aleem Khan’s hopes to seek approval for a top position in the PML-N leadership were thwarted, failing to show support from some MPAs.