PTI’s long march to Islamabad on May 25: Imran Khan – Pakistan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced on Sunday that the march for “The Battle for True Freedom” in Islamabad will begin on May 25th.

The former prime minister said at a press conference after a meeting of the party’s core committee in Peshawar that the main demands for the march in the capital are the immediate dissolution of the National Assembly and the date of the next general election.

He also told the military to adhere to its stated position of “neutral”.

“Today we have a key committee meeting and [important] Imran, next to who the PTI leadership was, said at the start of the press conference. [question] It was time to start the long march and we decided.

“I would like to give you a little background on how we got here. There was a foreign conspiracy against Pakistan in the United States. In this regime change, they had locals ready to be part of a conspiracy to rescue the most corrupt people. Used their corruption.

“This conspiracy hatched 8 months ago, I was warned about it in June and I fully understand what is going on since August. We did our best to somehow negate this conspiracy, but unfortunately we were unable to stop it. .”

The PTI president detailed his plot and the purpose of the march before announcing the date.

“25 days [of May] Speaking to supporters and party members, Imran said, “I’ll meet you on the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. You should get there at 3pm. I invite all the women because I’ve seen your anger. I’ve never seen it before.” .

“I am everyone’s [walks of life] will come because this is sanctuary, not politics. I decided and told every team that we should be ready to sacrifice our lives.”

Imran said the march will turn into a sit-down and will continue until his request is granted. “We will not accept them under any circumstances. No matter how long we have to remain in Islamabad, we will remain there.”

‘NA dissolution, major demand for election date’

He said the march would have two basic requirements: the dissolution of parliament and the date of the election.

The former prime minister called for fair and transparent elections, adding that he would accept it if the current government came to power again. “But no country outside [be allowed to] impose on us,” he added.

Predicting that the government will use a variety of obstacles to hinder the march, Imran told his supporters to prepare ahead of time for factors such as “communications, transport and fuel.”

He stressed that the party has always maintained peace in protests, calling on women, children and families to join “Pakistan’s fight for true freedom”, adding that the same will be true for the upcoming march.

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Addressing the bureaucracy, Imran warned that any “wrong” action taken in relation to the party’s “peaceful protests” would be “illegal and we will take action against you.”

Imran orders military to remain ‘neutral’

Regarding the establishment of the military, he said, “I also told my army, you said you were neutral, so keep neutral now.” But he said he wanted to invite all members of the public, family members of the military, ex-military members, etc. to the march.

Imran criticized the government’s economic management, saying the rupee and the stock market are showing sharp declines, which will lead to more inflation.

“They don’t have a plan or a roadmap. They can’t make decisions. They’re afraid to make decisions and don’t want to burden themselves,” he said.

The PTI director’s announcement came after the party’s key committee convened an early meeting in the capital the day before.

Ahead of government meeting spokesperson Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, lawyer Mohammad Ali Saif said Imran will chair the meeting and many important decisions will be made at the meeting.

Imran announced at a public rally in Multan on Friday that the date for the Azadi march to Islamabad will be decided at a key committee meeting today. He also announced that the expected date would be between May 25th and 29th.

In addition to determining the date of the long march, the PTI leader said a key committee will also discuss the preparations needed for the march.

“The core committee will also develop a plan on how to handle the anticipated arrests of PTI leaders and road blockages to prevent them from marching to Islamabad,” he said.

Since his ouster from prime minister on April 10, Imran has held a series of large public rallies across the country, calling his ouster a foreign conspiracy and urging the public to prepare for a march on the capital to pressure the government to accommodate his demands. I did. Instant elections in the country.

Government criticizes March announcement

In a speech shortly after Imran’s announcement, PML-N’s Talal Chaudhry and PPP’s leader Sharjeel Memon emphasized that the government will not be “intimidated” or “pressed” by the long march to hold elections.

Talal said PML-N and its coalition partners also wanted an election, but the date will be announced on its own.

Memon, meanwhile, accused Imran and PTI of spreading “chaos and instability” and claiming to hold the government hostage.

Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shebaz announced the long march as “Imrani” poignant (Conspiracy)” Against Pakistan.

He argued that Imran and his followers were not the “lucky people” of the public. Hamza added, “Imran Khan cannot take the whole nation hostage because of his pride.”

“Negative attitudes toward politics harm the stability of the country,” he said. Those who go against the national interest should be stopped with unity,” he said.

CM Hamza added that when Congress was present for that purpose, decisions were not made on the streets and the state would not allow anyone to spread “anarchy”.