PTI supporters forcibly enter Sindh House in Islamabad after hours-long protest – Pakistan

PTI supporters were forced into the Sindh House after hours of protests outside Islamabad’s dissident MNAs on Friday against dissident MNAs staying in the Sindh House building.

Television footage showed PTI employees climbing the walls of Sindh House, some of them breaking down doors to later enter the building. they also carry lotus As a protest against the “turncourt”.

Islamabad police said they later cleared the area and arrested 13 protesters on charges of rioting.

The first Intelligence Report (FIR) on the protesters was registered with the Secretariat Police Department on behalf of the station attendant Quurban Ali Anwar posted there.

FIR, a copy of which is provided as follows. Serb.comRegistered under sections 427 (prank causing damage of fifty rupees), 186 (interference with the performance of official duties by public officials), 188 (disobedience of orders duly promulgated by public officials), and 147 (punishment of riots). ) and Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) 149 (members of illegal assemblies who commit crimes in a common purpose prosecution).

According to the FIR, about 15 to 20 PTI members tried to enter the Sindh House, located in the Red Zone, where all political activity and demonstrations are banned under Article 144 of the PPC.

The FIR said police arrived at the scene and asked the protesters to disperse, but they did not listen.

The FIR said protesters chanted slogans, uprooted the doors of Sindh House, and tried to enter the building.

‘act of terrorism’

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari called the raid an “act of terrorism” and equated it with an attack on Sindh.

In a statement, he said that the “attack” on the Sindh House was “planned” and that “Imran Khan directed malice against Sindh as follows. [PTI workers] to carry out our attack”.

“We don’t have the law in our hands, but we know how to deal with factors beyond our control,” he added.

“Attacks on the residence of public representatives and judges,” Bilawal Chadar and Chadiwari.

“Imran Khan is his [impending] defeat [in the no-trust vote],” he added.

Meanwhile, the PPP co-chair, Asif Ali Zardari, also criticized the incident.

In a separate statement, he said the prime minister would have shown his power in Parliament if he had received enough parliamentary support, rather than attacking Parliament Huts and Sindh House.

“Pakistan people are seeing who wants to uphold democratic values ​​and put the country into anarchy,” he added.

PPP chief Shargil Memon called the raid a “failure” by the Islamabad police and the Ministry of Home Affairs and said, “We regard the attack on the Sindh House as an attack on the province of Sindh.”

The way PTI federal ministers asked why police were stationed in buildings in Sindh is now answered, he said. He claimed that two PTI MNAs, Faheem Khan and Ataullah, were also part of the group that raided Sindh House.

“Islamabad police were silent when they acted like that. If Sindh police weren’t there today, the PPP MNA staying inside with his family would be in danger. Imran Khan is defeated. Now he wants a clash.”

Memon appealed to the IHC (Islamabad High Court) and Supreme Court to “immediately” aware of this “terrorist attack” inside the Red Zone and to register the case with “relevant federal ministers and MNAs”.

“We are at peace now. We must not force such an event to begin in a way that we are not in a good mood for right now. [restrained] by our leadership. Do not test our patience.”

He said all political issues should be brought to Congress, warning that if such attacks happen again, “your house will not be safe either.”

“We also saw Bani Gala and the Prime Minister’s house. Then you will see who saves you.”

Sindh Minister of Intelligence Saeed Ghani responded to the incident in a similar way. “If the PTI thugs don’t come back, we will [Sindh] Governor’s house.”

He said in a statement that if PTI workers do not leave Islamabad’s Sindh House, PPP workers will surround the governor’s house in Sindh.

Ghani added that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid would be held accountable if they harm lawmakers.

PPP Responsibility for What Happened”

Meanwhile, Federal Intelligence Minister Fawad Chaudhry said PTI Secretary General Asad Umar had asked party members to clean up the Sindh House and be “be patient and tolerant”.

“When Sind House turns into a new window manga [you] We have to face public hatred. As soon as Secretary-General Assad Umar was informed of the incident, he urged workers to be patient and tolerant.

talk Serb news tv Chaudhry later said the PPP was “responsible” for the incident, adding that the opposition believed the “turncourt” should be moved elsewhere.

“They don’t deserve to live in a residential area,” he added, adding that ordinary people are “displeased.”

“The officers [for the attack] Those who kept it there (PTI MNA). Immoral things are happening [at Sindh House]. PPP is responsible. “Prime Minister Sindh acted irresponsibly to bring such people to the place where the Chief Justice of Pakistan lives and where other people live,” he said.

Separately, in a tweet, Chaudhry again requested that the “turncoats” be moved to another location because the Sindh house is located in a very sensitive area. [drama] all month long. How many people can stop?”

‘Unfortunate’ incident

speaking in Serb news tv program newswiseInterior Minister Sheikh Rashid said there was police negligence behind the “unfortunate” incident, adding that he had directed the Islamabad police chief to arrest those involved.

He said there are about 20 to 25 days left until a no-confidence vote is held. “The country is going into anarchy.”

Rashid said the Pentagon has asked the capital to deploy 1,000 additional Rangers agents, and an army could be called if the situation worsens.

The Interior Minister said an investigation into how the workers got into the Sindh House is ongoing. “This is a mistake and it should not have happened.”

He expressed fears of what could happen, saying it could “get bigger” at the end of the month when both the ruling PTI and opposition parties hold rallies in the capital.

He said the PTI had no intention of canceling the March 27 rally in D-Chowk, but said he and the PTI were working to hold the opposition rally at a different location.

“I asked the deputy director to allow both government and opposition rallies to come to Islamabad through different channels. I spoke with the prime minister and he agreed.”

Several MNAs from the ruling PTI, who had ‘hidden’ at the Sindh House the day before, proved themselves true to the opposition’s claim that they secured members of the ruling coalition by revealing themselves.

The revelations come a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan and some cabinet ministers, who revealed that Islamabad’s Sindh House had become a hub for buying and selling members, accused opponents of indulging in the horse trade ahead of a decisive vote on a no-confidence resolution. no see. .

Television footage showed the PTI MNA, including several female lawmakers, lounging around the spacious Sindh House, located opposite the official residence of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The building is being guarded by SSU (Special Security Unit) agents of the Sindh Police.

‘The only option left is to assault’

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of PML-N, said, “The only option left is to [for the PTI] thuggery” but that would be wrong.

Maryam said in a tweet that PTI “cannot save the government”, advising them to save the rest of their honor. “You are not the elected government you want,” she said. [stay and fight]. That’s why the rogue’s choice remains. But this, too, is always going wrong.”

Prohibition of political activities and demonstrations

Earlier today, Islamabad police said in a statement that all political activity and demonstrations were banned in the capital’s Red Zone due to next week’s Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting.

Citing the operation of the SSP, the statement said, “We will take indiscriminate action against anyone who violates this.”