PTI paid ‘high price’ for mistakes, will prioritise ‘ideological’ members in next polls: PM Imran – Pakistan

Interim Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday admitted that the PTI had made “highly costly” mistakes in the past, adding that the party has now become wise and will prioritize “ideological” workers.

At an event at the Punjab governor’s residence in Lahore, the prime minister instructed PTI workers to prepare for elections, saying that this time the party would carefully consider and vote for those who align with its political philosophy.

“There was a mistake. [committed] In the past, we had to pay the price,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran said tickets would be given to all lawmakers who supported and continued to support the party “in difficult times”.

‘A vast foreign conspiracy’

The interim prime minister reiterated recent allegations of “extensive foreign conspiracy” against his government, citing an opposition resolution of no confidence in him.

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He argued that there were plans for a regime change in Pakistan abroad. It is said that “the traitors (opposition) here joined them (conspiracy planners)”.

The prime minister added that most supporters of this “conspiracy” did so unintentionally, with only those in high-ranking positions known.

He warned that not only would he lose to all those accused of conspiracy in the upcoming elections, but he would teach a lesson that “their political graves will be made forever.”

Referring to the disgruntled PTI MPA staying at a private hotel in Lahore, he said that the ‘policeman’ was naked in front of the whole country to see where PTI tickets and those elected to reserved seats were sold.Jamir“(Conscience).

The prime minister said that the PTI had brought “traitors” to the Supreme Court and that, apart from the lifetime ban, they should also be imprisoned. “If we do not stand up to this rebellion today, the next generation will not forgive us.

“Today is a decisive and decisive moment in our country,” the prime minister said.

He urges citizens to protest peacefully every day, saying that doing so is their “duty” along with defeating conspiracies against the government.

He explained that the purpose of the protests was to send a message to the United States and its suspected collaborators: “This is a living country and it will not allow any plans.” [against it] to be successful.”

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The interim prime minister has directed supporters to protest tonight at F9 Park in Islamabad after Isha prayers.