PTI lawmakers in AJK Assembly submit no-trust motion against own PM Abdul Qayyum Niazi – Pakistan

In a dramatic move, 25 PTI members of the Kashmir Legislative Council, Azad Jammu, on Tuesday passed a resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Kayum Niazy, accusing him of “failing to implement”. [the] Apart from other shortcomings that insist on “guarantee the party’s manifesto and good governance”.

“In accordance with Article 18 of the AJK Constitution, a resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi is being submitted for the following reasons.”

“The prime minister has lost confidence. [PTI] A party that did not implement its declaration [resorting to] “For bad governance, nepotism, violations of merit, and not emphasizing the Kashmir issue,” he added.

Because the AJK Constitution mandates the nomination of a Prime Minister’s successor in a motion of no confidence, the directors have nominated PTI’s Regional President and Chief Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas as coveted offices.

The resolution was signed at the residence of former Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapur in Islamabad, after which the Ministers Abdul Majid Khan, Muhammad Akbar Ibrahim and Ali Shan Soni submitted to the Parliamentary Secretariat in Muzaffarabad.

The PTI party is made up of 32 MPs, including Prime Minister Niazy.

When the news came to light, it is believed that AJK’s PTI lawmakers attempted to overthrow their nominees in the AJK to overthrow the loyalty of party chairman Imran Khan, 36 hours after they stepped down as Pakistan’s prime minister. It has been eight months since he was elected.

However, Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, was the first to dispel these impressions, arguing that they were a blessing for the Khan.

“I make it clear to everyone that the resolution of no confidence at the AJK General Assembly was submitted with the advice and approval of PTI Chairman Imran Khan to thwart the move of the PPP-PMLN Nexus. We unite under the leadership of Khan. dismissal” he tweeted.

Last August, Khan surprised everyone by appointing Niazi from AJK to head of a government led by PTI.

In the past eight months, discontent with Niazi has grown in the PTI parliamentary party, as many lawmakers have been reluctant to even attend official meetings he calls.

“To be honest, PTI members were dissatisfied and dissatisfied with the way Niazi had run their government from the beginning,” Ahmed asserts.

Eventually, he said, Khan nodded his head a few days ago when he realized that Niage’s replacement was inevitable for the greater good of the party.

According to Ahmed, Khan’s approval was passed on Monday by PTI Secretary General Asad Umar to AJK House Speaker Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq.

When asked why the resolution was rushed, Ahmed argued that the resolution was adopted to block the 19-member opposition’s resolution.

“Since the Prime Minister has fully accommodated the opposition MPs, the latter wanted to repay his favor by stopping attempts of distrust, which could give him a loan for at least the next six months,” he said.

‘Pack of Lies’

Niazi was in Mirpur today to attend an event where reporters sought his commentary on the move by his “kinsmen”.

He replied with a smile: “This is the process of democracy, whether led by its own people or by opposition parties. Now let’s see what happens next.”

In a statement issued by his spokesman in the evening, Niazi vehemently denied the allegations against him in a no-confidence agreement, calling it “groundless and fabricated lies.”

“This is AJK’s conspiracy against the PTI government, and Chairman Imran Khan needs to be heeded,” he said.

Niazi also listed what he described as his “historical achievement” in a short period of time, and said he was distressed by the allegations.

Meanwhile, on a related development, Chairman Chaudhry Anwarul Haq convened a meeting this Friday at 10:30 am to discuss and vote on the no-confidence bill.

According to Article 18, Paragraph 4 of the AJK Constitution, a resolution of no confidence must be put to a vote within 3 days, or at the latest, within 7 days from the date of resolution by the National Assembly.

A resolution in the 53-member House of Representatives needs 27 votes to be successful.

Meanwhile, the united opposition party, made up of 12 PPP MPs and 7 PML-N MPs, gathered at an Iftar dinner held at the home of PPP Regional President Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin to informally contemplate course of action. However, they did not immediately issue a statement in this regard.