PTI core committee meeting in Peshawar to decide final date for Islamabad march: Imran – Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said Friday that a meeting of the PTI core committee was convened in Peshawar.

Imran said it could take place any day between May 25 and May 29 at a mass rally in Multan, which was expected to announce the final date for the march in Islamabad.

He called for an immediate dissolution of the National Assembly, an announcement of an election date, and rebuked the current government for saying it could not rule the country.

Since his ouster from prime minister on April 10, Imran has held a series of large public rallies across the country, calling his ouster a foreign conspiracy and urging the public to prepare for a march on the capital to pressure the government to accommodate his demands. I did. Instant elections in the country.

Criticizing the coalition government led by the PML-N, Imran said, “They have been busy with collusion, but now that they come to power, they must tell us why they are struggling to rule their country.”

“The prisoners are making decisions. Sometimes they ask the National Security Council to raise prices,” he said.

The former prime minister said his government collected record taxes, IT exports surged 75% during his tenure and Pakistan had the highest employment rate in the entire subcontinent.

“You overthrew our government and now I have a happy comparison going on.” Imran said that if he doesn’t take care of the country they [PML-N] He held power for more months, causing people to curse as well as those who “brought them to power.”

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He said that a wave of inflation is underway because when the rupee is devalued “it affects everything”.

“If they rule longer, they will make Pakistan Sri Lanka. So I demand an election date and the dissolution of the assembly as soon as possible.”

The former prime minister said police officials, soldiers, veterans and civil servants were confident their families would join the march in Islamabad.

“The sea of ​​people heading to the capital will be the first in history,” Imran claimed.

He said the decision to start the march was not based on politics, he added, adding that “what makes Pakistan a great country is a revolution.”

Pointing a gun at the US, Imran said the US had no right to direct Pakistan. “I asked us not to buy oil and wheat from Russia, have you ever made a similar request in India?” he asked.

He said India and Pakistan were born at the same time, but the former had a people-friendly foreign policy and the latter was unfortunate with leaders like Sharifs and Zardaris. “These leaders do not have the courage to enact policies for the welfare of the public.”

Imran asked the US if he had ever criticized Israel for submitting the Palestinians to extreme violence. “Then why are you making such demands on Pakistan?”

He said the country’s honor and dignity were lost as the ruling elite, who ruled Pakistan for 30 years, appeased the United States.

Imran said corrupt “troikas” like Fazl, Zardari and Sharifs conspired against the government “after refusing to investigate the corruption case” with US backing.

He said he couldn’t understand why the Sharif family were angry with him. “With the exception of the FIA’s case against Shebaj Sharif, all corruption cases were brought up on their own,” he added.

The PTI director urged people to focus on two main requirements when they arrived in Islamabad. “The first is the dissolution of the assembly, and the second is the immediate announcement of the election.”

He emphasized that Pakistan will never receive Allah’s blessing if the corrupt ruling elite continues to rule.

In another remark addressed to Maryam Nawaz, Imran said that at a public meeting in Maryam the day before, someone had sent him a clip in which his name had been stolen several times.

“I want to say that my husband may be upset because of the way you use my name,” the former prime minister said.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif strongly opposed the remarks and said women across the country should protest the use of such “sorry” language.

Shehbaz tweeted: “With such vulgar tactics, crimes against the country will not be hidden. You cannot expect that those who do not respect the Mosque of the Prophet will respect their mothers, sisters and daughters.”