PM Shehbaz Sharif’s 37-member cabinet takes oath – Pakistan

Senate Speaker Sadiq Sanjrani took the oath to the Federal Minister and Secretary of State to form the cabinet of the newly elected Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The inauguration ceremony began with a reading of the Quran at the President’s house.

31 Federal Ministers, 3 Secretary of State, and a number of Prime Minister’s Advisors took the oath.

Federal Minister

  • Kawaza Muhammad Asif (PML-N)
  • Asan Iqbal (PML-N)
  • Lana Sanaula (PML-N)
  • Sardar Ayaz Sadiq (PML-N)
  • Lana Tanbier Hussein (PML-N)
  • Kuram Dastgir Khan (PML-N)
  • Marijum Aurangzeb (PML-N)
  • Kawaza Sad Rafiq (PML-N)
  • Mifta Ismail (PML-N)
  • Javed Latif (PML-N)
  • Riaz Hussein Pirzada (PML-N)
  • Murtaza Javed Abashi (PML-N)
  • Azam Nazir Tarar (PML-N)
  • Sied Kurshid Shah (PPP)
  • Sied Naved Camar (PPP)
  • Sherry Lerman (PPP)
  • Abdul Qadir Patel (PPP)
  • Shagia Marie (PPP)
  • Sied Murtaza Mahmoud (PPP)
  • Sajid Hussein Turi (PPP)
  • Esan Ur Leman Mazari (PPP)
  • Avid Hussein (PPP)
  • Assad Mahmoud (MMA)
  • Abdul Wasay (MMA)
  • Abdul Shakur (MMA)
  • Muhammad Talha Mahmoud (JUI)
  • Aminul Hake (MQM-P)
  • Faisal Sabzwari (MQM-P)
  • Muhammad Israr Tharin (BAP)
  • Shah Jain Bugty (JWP)
  • Tariq Bashir Skirt (PML-Q)

Secretary of State

  • Aisha Gauss Pasha (PML-N)
  • Abdul Leman Khan Khanju (PML-N)
  • Hina Ravani Karl (PPP)

Advisor to PM

  • Camar Jaman Kayra (PPP)
  • Amir Mukham (PML-N)
  • awn Chaudhry (PTI’s Tareen group)

Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Rana Sanaullah, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Khurram Dastgir Khan, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Miftah Ismail, Javed Hustif of PML-N, Federal Ministers of Pirzada, Murtaza Javed Tarar took an oath with

At the PPP, Syed Khursheed Shah, Syed Naveed Qamar, Sherry Rehman, Abdul Qadir Patel, Shazia Marri, Syed Murtaza Mahmud, Sajid Hussain Turi, Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari and Abid Hussain were sworn in as Federal Ministers.

Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Pakistani Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Aminul Haque and Faisal Sabzwari of Pakistan, Asad Mahmood Party of Balochistan Muhammaens-Isho Shah Shah, Abdul Wasay and Abdul B Tariq Bashir Cheema of the Islamic Federation of Pakistan-Quaid is also among the newly appointed federal ministers.

Meanwhile, Aisha Ghaus Pasha and Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju from PML-N and Hina Rabbani Khar from PPP were sworn in as Secretary of State.

Additionally, PPP’s Qamar Zaman Kaira, PML-N’s Amir Muqam and Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf’s estranged Jahangir Tareen group Awn Chaudhry have been appointed as Prime Minister’s advisors.

The ceremony was supposed to take place on Monday, but the government reportedly had to postpone the ceremony to Tuesday (today) after President Arif Albi refused to take an oath to lawmakers.

previously, Serb The report, citing sources, said President Arif Albi is due to go on leave on Tuesday due to a reported illness so that Sanjrani can enforce the oath. Previously, the president had excused himself from enforcing the oath to Sharif for health reasons, and Sanjrani has since taken over the responsibilities.

Meanwhile, at a media briefing on Monday, PML-N’s Marriyum Aurangzeb said the list of ministers had not yet been finalized, suggesting that the changes could be made at the last minute before the oath.

“This decision was made with the consent of all coalition partners,” she claimed.

The incumbent PML-N leader, Khawaja Asif, revealed the names of some of the PML-N leaders who will assume ministries in the new cabinet last night on a personal TV show.

According to him, Ahsan Iqbal will get the Ministry of Planning and Development, Azam Nazir Tarar Law, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Energy and Ayaz Sadiq will get the Ministry of Economy.

Despite opposition from the ruling party PML-N, it was reported that Aurangzeb would assume the role of Minister of Information and Rana Sanaulla as Minister of the Interior. However, no official announcement has been made in this regard yet.

Former Defense Minister Asif has also claimed that PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari will be given the Foreign Ministry. However, the PPP leader Serb In the first phase, announced today, the party leader did not join the cabinet and may choose a cabinet in a few days.

On the other hand, some allies say they are still “dissatisfied” with the demands they have made on the government for allocation of ministries and other advantageous positions.

It was reported that the Balochistan National Party (BNP) and Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) may not join the cabinet on Tuesday. Like the recent shootings on protesters in Chagai.

Similarly, JUI-F’s Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman called for an immediate general election after angry over the failure of his demands regarding the distribution of some constitutional positions and ministries, such as the presidency and Senate chairmanship.