PM Shehbaz appoints Tariq Fatemi as special assistant on foreign affairs – Pakistan

Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif appointed Syed Tariq Fatemi, a close aide to PML-N Supreme Council member Nawaz Sharif, as special foreign affairs adviser on Wednesday.

Notice issued by the Cabinet Office“The Prime Minister is pleased to appoint Syed Tariq Fatemi as Special Assistant pursuant to Rule 4(6) of the 1973 Business Rules, with serial number 1A of Schedule VA of that Rule. Prime Minister, Immediate Effectiveness”

The development came just one day after Shevaz’s long-delayed federal cabinet took office.

A source at PML-N said: Serb There were divisions within the party over the election of ministers and the allocation of portfolios. Several of Nawaz’s closest aides, including Fatemi, were clearly absent, sources said.

Fatemi had held the same position in Nawaz’s previous PML-N government, but was fired in 2017 for her role in ‘Dawn Leaks’. Serb Reported details of a high-level civil-military meeting to discuss the issue of banned clothing operating in Pakistan.

The prime minister’s office initially rejected the talk, but the military has pressured it to demand an investigation into the matter to determine those involved in the release of the details of the national security-related meeting.

Then, on October 6, 2016, a committee was formed to investigate the incident and identify who was responsible for releasing the details of the meeting to Cyril Almeida, who reported the incident.

Nawaz’s Intelligence Minister Pervaiz Rasheed said the Prime Minister’s Office was “an independent and detailed inquiry based on the evidence available to date”.

After unpublished results of the investigation, then Prime Minister Nawaz ordered the firing of Patemi, the special adviser for foreign affairs. A senior intelligence official was also dismissed according to the committee’s recommendation.

In the editor’s note, published on October 11, 2016, Serb He made his position clear and said in the record, “The facts have been confirmed, cross-checked, and fact-confirmed.”

In a farewell letter, Patemi denied the charges against him and said the offer had hurt a man who had served Pakistan for nearly 50 years.