PM Imran would fight till end but won’t offer money, ministries to save govt: ministers – Pakistan

Three key government ministers held a press conference in Islamabad hours after several MNAs opposed to the PTI stayed in Sindh House and made it clear that they would oppose the party in an upcoming no-confidence measure. The Prime Minister said: Imran Khan can also throw money at opposition lawmakers, but he won’t because he doesn’t support the “politics of blackmail and bribery.”

When Energy Minister Hammad Azhar and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry sat next to each other, Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar said, “Imran Khan does not politics for himself, he does politics for the country.” “He doesn’t intimidate or threaten anyone because there is no personal interest in him.”

“He never did and will never do this kind of politics. No one should have any doubt that the PTI will fight to the end, but the only difference is that our job is to do it within the bounds of the law and the Constitution.

“We will not do anything illegal,” he added.

“I see people all over the world using the name of democracy only in the clothes that they (opposition) are doing business.”

Energy Minister Hammad Azhar said: “The state has seen that this is a system that Imran Khan opposes. This is a system of horse trading, bribes and auctions for 200m and 400m.

“We want to make it clear that we will not make any deals and we will not spend on ministries to stay in power. We will continue to work with our allies, but there will be no agitation and no deals.”

Opposition PTI MNAs Raja Riaz and Malik Nawab Sher Waseer said they would vote “according to their conscience” on a no-confidence bill for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Regarding the remark, Azhar said: “This is not the voice of their conscience. [rather the voice of] money.”

Intelligence Minister Fawad Chaudhry said the PTI rejected the politics of “blackmail and embezzlement because of the promises we made to the people.”

“This is Zardari’s business model. Invest, come into the government and take the money.”

The minister said this was the kind of politics he called “the ’90s when it was dark.”

“Now people must reject this darkness and support Imran Khan.” He added.

“Our workers are angry. I ask them not to get their hands on the law, but protest is your right.'”

He said his party has already started legal proceedings on the matter. for disqualification.”

“There’s no doubt they left the party after the video,” Umar added.

When questioned about dissident MNA, Dr Ramesh Kumar, who claimed three federal ministers had left the party, Umar expressed ignorance and said “Only Dr Kumar has heard of this.”

The reporter then pointed out that most of the dissident members of the PTI are people who joined the party after leaving the party.

On that point, Umar largely agreed that it was. However, he added, “Many members left other political parties to join the PTI and are still standing firmly with Imran Khan.”

“So, leaving the party and joining the PTI cannot be said to be all wrong,” the minister added. In most cases, the issue of giving party tickets should prioritize party members.

He said changes to the federal cabinet could be made if the prime minister believed it would improve the government’s performance.

In this regard, he has made it clear that the government intends to elect more Confederate MPs to the cabinet, which he has discussed with his allies.

“I want to make it clear that none of our allies have asked for it,” he said, saying the process was halted after the motion of no confidence was received. [for ministries] yet.”