PM Imran summons freshly restored cabinet’s session on Friday, to also address the nation – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan convened a meeting of the newly restored Federal Cabinet on Friday (tomorrow) and will also address the public.

He said PTI’s parliamentary committee meeting will also be convened on Friday and “we will continue to fight for Pakistan until the last ball.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling overturning the Vice President’s decision to reject the Prime Minister’s decision not to trust the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court’s decision on the dissolution of the National Assembly are the decisions to convene a cabinet meeting. On the advice of the Prime Minister, five judges unanimously voted against it 5-0.

The court briefly ruled that the vice-chairman’s ruling “is against the Constitution and the law and has no legal effect, so it is overturned.”

The Supreme Court also ruled that President Arif Alvi’s decision to dissolve the NA was “inconsistent with the Constitution and the law and has no legal effect.” It belongs to the prohibition measures imposed under Article 58 (1) of the Constitution.

“, further declares. [National] Assemblies have always existed and continue to be,” the short spell states.

The court’s verdict put the prime minister and cabinet back in place. In response, we declare that the Prime Minister, Federal Minister, Secretary of State, and aides will return to their respective positions.”