PM Imran says ‘establishment’ gave him three options: resignation, no-confidence vote or elections – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that “establishment” gave him three options: “resign, no confidence”. [vote] or after a motion of no confidence for “election” is submitted to the National Assembly.

He shared this in an interview. ari news‘ appeared on Friday’s broadcast answering questions about whether opposition parties, the government and ‘other parties’ had proposed an early general election and whether his resignation was offered as an option.

When the prime minister proposed three options, he said, “I believe that elections are the best option, I can’t even think of resigning, and I believe that we must fight to the end when it comes to the vote of no confidence.”

The prime minister pointed out that Pakistani lawmaker Terik Ayinsaf had left the opposition ahead of the vote of no confidence, and even if the opposition’s no-confidence measure failed, “The government cannot be run with such people (North Korean defectors). ).”

So he said, “It will be better for Pakistan if we run again.”

When asked if he was ready for an early general election, he said, “If we win, [in] this [no-confidence] Voting, going to an early election is a very good idea.”

When asked what the government’s strategy would be if the opposition’s no-confidence bill failed, he said, “I will establish a strategy.” [in the coming days].”

‘My life is in danger’

At the beginning of the interview, the prime minister said his life was in jeopardy, arguing that the conspirators to overthrow his government were “feared to know that the public would continue to support him even if he were to be ousted”.

“I am speaking openly that there is a threat to my life,” he said.

“They, all the conspirators [against me], I know I’m not going to sit still,” the Prime Minister continued, “What do they think? Will they spend 20 billion rupees, 25 billion rupees to overthrow my government and I will keep an eye on it?”

“This is why I speak publicly. There is a threat to my life.”

The prime minister’s statement came hours after intelligence minister Fawad Chaudhry said that security agencies had reported plans to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Earlier this week, PTI leader Faisal Vawda said a plot was being plotted to assassinate the prime minister who refused to “sell the country”.

As Vawda noted: ARY news show “Out of record” in response to a letter from Prime Minister Imran at PTI’s power show in Islamabad on March 27 that claimed it contained evidence of a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow his government.

He said there was a threat to the prime minister’s life, but remained evasive when asked if a conspiracy to assassinate the prime minister was mentioned in the letter.

Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed this in an interview, saying that his life was in jeopardy because he did not associate with “boot-washers like Sevaj Sharif”, “slaves of money”, as well as those involved in conspiracies.

The prime minister added that people like PML-N chairman Shevaz did not have public support.

“I’m afraid of people supporting him,” he said, without revealing anyone’s name. “I’m talking about the assassination because I know that even if Prime Minister Imran is ousted from the government, the people will still be relevant because the people are with him.” .”

“Then they have a different option, look at the history,” Imran added. Ali Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Lehman, leader of Pakistan’s pro-democracy movement.

The prime minister also insisted that a campaign for his “character assassination” would be launched, adding that his wife Bushra Bibi and one of her colleagues, Farah, would also be targeted.

‘I’ve known the conspiracy since August’

In an earlier interview, the prime minister revealed that he was aware of a “conspiracy” that had hatched since August of last year to oust the government.

“We’ve had the idea since August and we knew there were plans going on in London,” he added. “Winter will be a very difficult time for us,” he added.

He identified PML-N Supremo as one of those involved in the conspiracy, saying he had also received reports from agencies in this regard.

“He (Nawaz Sharif) was meeting people like Hussain Haqqani. […] A person who participated in Memogate. “They were in constant contact,” he claims, claiming that Nawaz had his last meeting in this regard on March 3. “And on March 7 we received this document (a letter he allegedly claimed to overthrow his government). claimed to have evidence of a foreign conspiracy to .”

The prime minister went on to say that those involved in the conspiracy were also hostile to the Pakistani military, adding that “Pakistan survived because of its military.”

“And Nawaz Sharif and his daughter openly criticized the military,” he said.

The prime minister also argued that a joint opposition party was trying to oust the government in order to receive an NRO (pardon).

But I will never give them an NRO.”

He also said that “outside forces” need “thieves and thieves…and corrupt people who become enslaved to save corruption.”

In his “threat letter” he argued that foreign powers involved in the conspiracy would “forgive Pakistan” if Imran Khan were to be ousted by a no-confidence vote.

“But if he survives the no-confidence vote, there will be dire consequences for Pakistan and we will isolate Imran Khan,” he added. “How do they know the new government will work? [well] with them? … which means they are connected with them (opposite). This means that this conspiracy has been hatching over the past six months.”

He said some defecting PTI members, opposition figures and media officials met officials at the “embassy”.

“I had all the reports,” he said.

When asked if his recent visits to China and Russia were ‘rapid regime change’, he compared Pakistan’s foreign policy to that of India.

“During the Cold War between the US and the USSR, they (India) were not allied. They were close to the USSR, but still maintained relations with the US.

“And see how Indian passports are respected compared to Pakistan because of their (India’s) foreign policy,” he added. “If it’s a country with pride, others respect it. But we kept changing blocks,” he lamented.

He went further, accusing previous governments of allowing drone strikes during America’s war on terrorism.

I have no objection to the appointment of the director of the ISI.”

When asked about civil-military relations related to the “October appointment”, an explicit reference to the appointment of a new Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) secretary-general, the prime minister said: “We were all. On one page. We made no difference.”

He said there was no problem with the military leadership, unlike past leaders who said they “feared the military because of corruption.”

When Anchor specifically nominated former ISI Director General Faiz Hameed and asked if the prime minister wanted him to continue as his favorite spy, Prime Minister Imran said he had worked with General Faiz for three years and had been working with General Faiz Hameed for the winter of 2021. Winter is going to be the toughest time for us.

He said, referring to the economic hardships and the situation in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, “I insisted on continuing through the winter (Gen Faiz) as we experienced it.”

“They had their own point of view, and that was that the military had a system. They had their point of view and I had my own point of view. .

He also denied reports that he did not intend to appoint General Javed Bajwa as Army Chief of Staff, saying this was a “PML-N disinformation campaign.”