PM Imran nominates former CJP Gulzar Ahmed as caretaker prime minister – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed former Pakistan Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed to the post of Prime Minister on Monday.

The announcement was made by PTI’s leader, Fawad Chaudhry, who said the award was made after approval by PTI’s core committee.

In his letter to the president, he wrote, “I propose to appoint the name of the former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Judge Gulzar Ahmed, as prime minister.”

The former CJP’s nomination follows a letter written earlier today by President Arif Alvi to the outgoing National Assembly (NA) Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif. (1) Constitution.

The letter came a day after the NA Vice Chairman refused to consent to his no-confidence in Prime Minister Imran and the president dissolved the House of Representatives on Imran’s advice.

letter, a copy of which Serb.comThe NA and federal cabinet announced on Sunday that they had been dissolved under Article 58(1) of the Constitution.

The President said Prime Minister Imran will continue to hold office until an administrative Prime Minister is appointed under Article 224-A(4) of the Constitution.

Alvi told the two that if they do not agree to an appointment within three days of the dissolution of the NA, they must send two candidates each to a committee formed by an eight-member chairman. The Senate or both have equal representation in the Treasury and the Opposition.

However, the president of PML-N declared that he would not participate in this process and called it ‘illegal’. He said the president and prime minister broke the law and questioned how they could reach the opposition.

Justice Gulzar – 27th Chief Justice of Pakistan

Appointed as the 27th Chief Justice of Pakistan on December 21, 2019, Supreme Court Justice Ahmed was born on February 2, 1957 in Karachi to the family of a prominent lawyer, Nour Muhammad. He served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court until February 2022.

According to the Supreme Court website, his primary school came from the city’s Gulistan School. He then went on to earn a BA from a public national university in Karachi, followed by a law degree from SM Law University in Karachi.

He registered as a lawyer on January 18, 1986 and joined the High Court on April 4, 1988. Later, on September 15, 2001, he became an attorney at the Supreme Court.

Judge Ahmed was elected Honorary Secretary of the Sindh High Court Bar Association in Karachi from 1999-2000.

Throughout his legal practice, he remained mostly on the side of private companies, serving as general counsel for numerous multinational and local corporations, banks and financial institutions.

Ahmed was promoted to Judge of the Sindh High Court (SHC) on August 27, 2002. He was appointed Chief Judge Puisne of the SHC on February 14, 2011, and was elevated to the Supreme Court on November 16, 2011.