PM Imran calls on nation to participate in PTI’s March 27 power show – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan called on people to join “Fighting Evil” on Thursday at PTI’s March 27 power show at the Parade Grounds in Islamabad.

In the recorded message, the award began by quoting a passage from the Qur’an. He also pointed out that Muslims have been told to “stand up against good and evil.”

A band of thieves who shamelessly plunder the country and indulge in corruption for 30 years in front of everyone.

He added that these “gangs” had united and paid a price for the “conscience” of public representatives, adding that these public representatives were being “buyed out”.

“I want the whole nation to send a message with me on March 27th. We are not with evil, we are against it. We are against crime.[s] May we become a democracy and a nation that buys the conscience of the people’s representatives with the money they looted.”

“After that, the whole country should know that no one should have the guts to engage in puns,” he said.

The prime minister’s message came as the government struggled against the opposition’s no-confidence bill.

Assembly Speaker Assad Kaiser convened the House of Representatives on March 25 (tomorrow) at 11 a.m. to deliberate on a resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The prime minister was informed on Wednesday that the party’s allies had decided to side with the opposition and that the ruling PTI would prepare an effort to appease its pesky coalition partners.

A government source said. Serb PM Imran was told at a meeting of PTI’s political committee that their allies had joined the opposition and decided to vote against the no-confidence bill.

In response, the Prime Minister dispatched senior PTI leaders to meet with the heads of the allies to confirm that their reservations would be resolved. He hoped that his allies would return to the government and support him in Parliament on Election Day.

When contacted, Intelligence Minister Fawad Chaudhry insisted that the next 48 hours, when political ambiguity would be resolved, was “very important”. He hoped that his allies would not leave the prime minister at this time of need.

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