Perpetual arrest warrant issued for Ishaq Dar in assets-beyond-means case – Pakistan

The Islamabad Liability Court issued a permanent arrest warrant for former Treasury Secretary Ishaq Dar on corruption-related charges on Wednesday.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) alleges that Darle, who was declared a fugitive after a long stay in London and absent from hearings, acquired assets beyond known sources of income. .

The court also conditionally acquitted co-defendants (former NBP presidents Saeed Ahmed, Mansoor Raza Rizvi, and Naeem Mehmood, who were directors of Hajveri Modaraba in Ishaq Dar) for the arrest of the PML-N leader. .

The co-defendants plead not guilty. challenge the reference In accordance with the NAB Amendment Ordinance

At the hearing, NAB prosecutor Afzal Qureshi and the defense counsel of the co-defendant appeared in court, and Judge Muhammad Bashir presided over the proceedings.

The judge ruled that the witness’s proceedings would not proceed until Dar was arrested and presented to court, and that the acquittal of the co-defendants would only be given after that.

The court postponed the hearing of the witness until Dar was arrested.


On July 28, 2017, five Supreme Courts ordered the NAB to submit three references to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and one reference to then Finance Minister Dar, in response to a petition submitted by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Sirajul Haq and Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of the Awami Islamic Federation.

In reference to Dar, NAB alleges that “the defendant acquired approximately Rs831.678 million (approximately) assets and monetary benefits/resources in his name and/or the name of a dependent”.

The reference asserts that the asset is “disproportionate to a known source of income for which he cannot reasonably explain.”

The government withdrew the finance minister’s portfolio from Ishaq Dar.

On November 14, 2017, the court issued a non-bail-free arrest warrant for Dar on Reference.

The court declared on 11 December 2017 that he had fled Ishaq Dar, who had been in London and never returned.