Parvez Elahi says opposition alliance has more lawmakers than needed to oust PM – Pakistan

Pakistan Muslim League-Q head Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said on Tuesday that opposition ally the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had “more than needed” lawmakers to pass a no-confidence bill against Prime Minister Imran Khan in Parliament. He warned that he was getting support. There are “many surprises”.

PML-Q, also an ally of the PTI government in Punjab, has become even more important after the opposition has stepped up efforts to oust the government through measures of no confidence. For this move to be successful, the opposition must win PML-Q’s votes in the National Assembly. The party has 5 seats in the NA.

In an interview with HUM news anchor Meher Bokhari today, Elahi was asked to comment on the allegations made by PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. To this, Elahi agrees, saying: “He (Zardari) is right. They have the necessary number…even more than you can imagine. This is what we have evaluated and seen.”

The PML-Q leader said that governments must be held accountable for where they are, but have never learned how to build relationships and instead said that they “damaged things with everyone, including the people.”

Elahi said he had already been offered a coalition for the premiership of Punjab and an electoral coalition from the opposition coalition, but the government had yet to make an offer.

When asked why he hasn’t accepted the offer yet, Elahi said: Perhaps the government will do the same.”

Elahi said he had discussed seat-adjustment options with PTI in the past, but “then they have to stick with what they say.”

By not revealing Imran’s name, Elahi hinted that his party promises were not being respected. “They’re old enough now… They’re no longer children. At least you have to correct their performance. Otherwise people won’t trust you.”

He acknowledged the lack of trust in PML-N and Zardari intervened and gave his endorsement to PML-Q. “He (Zadari) made it clear that I wouldn’t be in this game either if you didn’t want to play with them (PML-Q). That’s when PML-N got serious.”

He accused the government of coercing the National Accountability Bureau to target PML-Q, including the leader of Federal Minister Moonis Elahi. “NAB officials said they had no case to file against them, so they ordered the NAB to ‘keep looking and you’ll find something’.”

The PML-Q leader, unnamed, said, “The work I’ve done on behalf of the government has never allowed me to learn on my own.”

“The kid will only learn to walk when you put him down,” he said metaphorically. “Are you going to keep changing diapers for the rest of your life?”

Elahi ruled out the possibility of an early election, saying PPP’s Zardari had told him that the MP’s five-year term would be complete.

At the beginning of the interview, the PML-Q leader urged both the government and opposition parties to cancel the planned power show, saying that such a confrontation was not in the national interest and would benefit no one.

He urged the government to act first and cancel a political meeting scheduled for March 27.