Pakistan urges international community to hold India accountable for targeted attacks on Muslims – World

The foreign ministry on Monday strongly condemned the recent targeted attacks on the Islamic community by “fanatic Hindu mobs” in several Indian states and urged the international community to hold the state accountable for “serious and pervasive human rights violations”. .

Indian police arrested 14 people in connection with violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims during a Hindu religious procession in New Delhi on Sunday. Six police officers and several others were injured as a scuffle broke out at a festival in Jahangirpuri, a suburb of New Delhi on Saturday.

Religious clashes have erupted between the majority Hindu and Muslim minority communities during religious processions in various parts of the country in recent weeks.

Referring to the recent Jahangirpuri incident, the FO pointed out attempts to hoist saffron flags at the Jamia Mosque in Delhi, insulting slogans, provocative music playing and swinging weapons while Hindu processions waited to break their fasts. “The Gravity of India’s State-Recognized Hysteria and Hatred for Muslims”.

“This incident ignited the horrific memories of the Delhi Pogrom in February 2020,” the FO said in a statement.

The FO also commented on the Ram Nabami riots that have spread across many states in India, stressing India’s sharp slide into “Hindu Rashtra.”

“The horrific scenes of the destruction of Muslim homes, businesses and shops, as well as the destruction of mosques by local authorities in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, show that Hindu ideology has penetrated deeply into the Indian state and social fabric.”

The statement said it regrets that there is a rapidly growing tendency in India to use Hindu processions to incite community hatred and incite anti-Muslim violence.

“It is even more worrisome that local authorities, clearly involved in the incitement of terror, have launched a joint campaign against Muslims under the pretext of suppression of ‘riot charges’,” the FO added.

Pakistan said it has urged the Indian government to transparently investigate widespread incidents of violence and intimidation against Muslims and their places of worship and to initiate explicit efforts to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Pakistan has also urged the international community, particularly the United Nations and relevant international human rights and humanitarian organizations, to question India and hold it accountable for repeated human rights violations.