Pakistan ‘strongly condemns’ Islamophobic incidents in Sweden and Netherlands – World

Pakistan condemned the Swedish far-right group for blasphemy and offensive comments by Dutch politicians on Monday, according to a statement released by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry (FO).

“Pakistan strongly condemns the abomination of blasphemy against the Holy Quran at the recent rally in Sweden. Pakistan also condemns the offensive comments made by Dutch politicians against Islam and the Islamic holy month of Ramazan.

“Pakistan’s concerns have been forwarded to the Swedish and Dutch authorities,” the FO said in a statement.

Swedish police said on Monday that a multi-day unrest sparked by a far-right group’s plans to blaspheme the Quran injured dozens and called for more resources to deal with the violence. Protests in several cities have turned violent since Thursday, injuring 26 police officers and 14 civilians, police said at a press conference on Monday.

Pakistan says such “provocative Islamophobic incidents” serve no other purpose than to undermine the sensitivity of the global Islamic community.

The statement said, “These actions do not constitute a legitimate expression of freedom of opinion or expression of responsibility under international human rights law, such as the prohibition of hate speech and incitement to violence.”

He added that Muslims everywhere explicitly condemn the practice of insulting Islam, Christianity and Judaism and oppose all acts of violence based on religion or belief. “This principle should be respected and supported by all equally,” the statement said.

Pakistan said the international community must show a common resolve against xenophobia, bigotry and incitement to violence based on religion or belief, and work together for interreligious harmony and peaceful coexistence.

“We urge the international community to show solidarity and commitment to the ideal of building a peaceful and harmonious society for the advancement of mankind,” the FO urged.

Sweden’s Anxiety

Unrest in Sweden was sparked by Rasmus Falludan, the leader of an anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic group aiming to boost approval ratings ahead of the September elections.

Paludan, who is scheduled to run for poll in September but has not yet had the signatures necessary to secure a candidate, has declared a “tourism” of Sweden and has visited cities and towns with large Muslim populations, making the Qur’an the holy month of Ramazan as a Muslim. is displayed.

Clashes with police have sparked protests against the group since Thursday evening, starting in the cities of Linkoping and Norrkoping.

They spread to the city of Malmo, where schools were set on fire during a second night of unrest on Saturday-Sunday.

Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg said at a press conference on Monday that “criminals have benefited from the situation to show violence against society, which has nothing to do with the protests.”

“We are too few. We have grown, but we have not grown at the same rate as the core problem of society,” he asked the police for more resources.

Police officers responded after protesters set fire to cars and threw stones at police in Sunday’s clash, police special forces chief Jonas Hysing said.

“About 200 participants were violent and the police had to respond with weapons of legitimate self-defense,” he said.

Police earlier said officers who fired warning shots during Sunday’s “riot” wounded three people.

The violence led to the arrest of eight people in the city of Norrkoping and 18 in the neighboring city of Linkoping.

The second clash in four days occurred in both cities on Sunday.

In the aftermath of a series of violent incidents, Iraq’s foreign ministry said it had convened a Swedish delegation in Baghdad on Sunday.

He warned that the incident could have “serious effects” on “relationships between Sweden and Muslims in general, Muslims and Arab countries and the Muslim community in Europe.”

Saudi Arabia’s official news agency said The kingdom “denounced the agitation of certain extremists in Sweden and their provocations against Muslims”.