Pakistan Day: Armed forces show off military might as OIC officials watch – Pakistan

Pakistan celebrates Pakistan’s day of demonstrating the might of its armed forces at its annual military parade in Islamabad on Wednesday, as dignitaries at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)’s 48th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting watch as guests watch.

Pakistan Day commemorates the passage of the Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940 by the All-India Muslim League calling for an independent state for Muslims in the British Indian Empire.

According to radio pakistanThe day started with a 31-round salute in the federal capital and a 21-round salute in the provincial capital.

The Changing of the Guard was also held at the mausoleums of Quiazam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal in Karachi and Lahore respectively.

The report added that special prayers were offered at the mosque after the Fajr prayers for Pakistan’s development and prosperity.

The highlight of the day is the ongoing large-scale military parade in Islamabad, in which three detachments of the military and other security forces march and fighter jets perform aerobatics.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Arif Albi, three ministers of service, federal ministers, officials from 57 Islamic countries that are members of the OIC and foreign ministers will attend.

PM Imran, President Alvi, Army Chief of Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa and other service commanders look into the sky to see the maneuverability of PAF fighters. – Dawn News TV
A squadron of PAF fighters during wartime on March 23. – Dawn News TV

After a captivating show of PAF fighters, Pakistani Army, PAF and Navy paratroopers demonstrated their skills in freefall from 10,000 feet. Adil Rehmani, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Special Services Group (SSG), an elite unit of the Army’s commandos forces, delivered the Pakistani flag to President Alvi and then gave a gun salute to the paratroopers.

President Albi said in his speech that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear power that wants peace with all other countries and respects their sovereignty.

He has made it clear that Pakistan will never compromise its security and sovereignty and will respond strongly to any attack on Pakistan. “I believe that our country will not hesitate to make any sacrifices for national security,” Albi added.

The president highlighted the spread of extremism and fake news as the biggest challenges facing society and urged academics, parents and teachers to do their part in solving these social problems.

Various organizations and departments have planned various activities including seminars, conferences and discussion programs to highlight the historical significance of Pakistan Day.

‘Effort, honesty, morality’

His message to the countryPrime Minister Imran Khan emphasized that the country was born after a long struggle for democracy and that the key to national development lies in “hard work, honesty and morality”.

“We must adhere to the principles of unity, faith and discipline laid down by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and re-dedicate ourselves to developing Pakistan into a truly democratic welfare state according to the Riyasat-i-Madina model. On this day, “As a nation, it is appropriate to reflect on the challenges we face.”

The prime minister added that his government has brought long-term reforms and initiatives to alleviate poverty and promote justice, and the focus remains on marginalized parts of society and how to provide them with equal opportunity.

“We are now on a path to restore the glory of the past, which was overthrown by the past government that placed more importance on private interests than national interests and the welfare of the people.

“The struggle to eradicate corruption and improve morality will require the tenacity of our founding ancestors during the freedom movement,” the prime minister said.

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