Opposition threatens to stage NA sit-in, disrupt OIC moot if no-trust resolution not tabled on Monday – Pakistan

Opposition leaders warned on Saturday that a resolution calling for a no-confidence vote for Prime Minister Imran Khan could lead to a “sitting” if not submitted in NA on Monday, the deadline for voting on the resolution. It is interfering with the Islamic Cooperation (IS) summit scheduled to be held there on the same day.

The opposition parties (mainly the Pakistan Democratization Movement and the PPP) submitted a letter of no confidence to the Prime Minister to the NA Secretariat on March 8.

Since the opposition party was not in session at the time, it submitted documents under Article 54 of the Constitution requiring the National Assembly and a resolution of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

According to Article 54, the Speaker of the National Assembly may be convened when at least 25% of the total number of members have signed, and after that, the Speaker may convene a session for up to 14 days.

After the National Assembly opens, according to the rules of procedure, the Secretariat will circulate a resolution of no confidence, which will be moved to the next working day.

A resolution cannot be put to a vote before 3 days or after 7 days, according to the rules from the date it was moved.

Therefore, the chairman must convene the House of Representatives by March 22, and the vote of no confidence must be voted 3 to 7 days after the convening.

However, today PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said he had received a report from the NA Chairman who sought to violate the Constitution, the law and the rules of the House of Representatives regarding the measure of no confidence.

Bilawal, along with other opposition leaders in Islamabad, said in an interview with the media that it stipulates that the process for a no-confidence motion raised against the prime minister must begin by Monday and that the speaker must call the same meeting the next day.

“But the speaker’s undemocratic thinking [comes in the way] …and if he doesn’t move his no-confidence motion by Monday, I’m going to propose to our party and other opposition parties not to leave the hall,” he warned. The upcoming OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) meeting will be held.

“If they threaten us by not following the laws, the Constitution and the rules of the NA, we will continue to sit on the floor until we are given the right,” Bilawal said.

“We want OIC too,” he said. [summit] take place. The whole country wants it to be like that. But in order for it to proceed properly without any problems, the speaker has no choice but to fulfill his or her role.”

“He shouldn’t be a member of the PTI… he shouldn’t think about the state, democracy and OIC,” Bilawal said. “If he starts the no-confidence process on Monday, there will be no problems with the OIC and we will have no objections because the no-confidence clock works according to the law and the Constitution. ”

The PML-N parliamentary opposition leader, who spoke at the meeting, agreed with Billawal’s proposal and said that “if a member of Parliament does not convene a session within the set time, we will do so if we use the tactic of delay.” Then you will be forced to sit in the auditorium,” he said.

Those who attend the OIC summit are the distinguished guests of the whole nation,” he said. [OIC conference]. Then we will sit down,” he said.

‘We must allow dissident lawmakers to exercise their right to vote’

Earlier at a press conference, Shehbaz denounced PM Imran for leveling off allegations of horse trading against the opposition.

“He himself is ready to push all the limits to stay in power, but [defecting lawmakers] Mules and donkeys,” Shehbaz said. He further emphasized that even PTI’s allies have refuted these claims.

The opposition party claimed that the PTI lawmakers who broke up with the ruling party were following their will and ‘voice of conscience’.

Moreover, Shehbaz recalled past cases, according to which PTI was guilty of horse trading.

“You have to look after yourself first,” he said. “Let’s proceed according to the law and the constitution. Then they (dissident PTI members) should be able to exercise their right to vote.”

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