Opposition in uproar after Islamabad police storm Parliament Lodges, arrest 19 including JUI-F MNAs – Pakistan

The opposition erupted Thursday after Islamabad police conducted an operation inside the Parliament Lodge and arrested 19 people, including JUI-F MNA Salahuddin Ayubi and Maulana Jamal-ud-Din.

Police action came after members of the Ansarul Muslims, a volunteer unit in uniform of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F), entered a number of parliamentary lodges.

Islamabad Police Chief Muhammad Ahsan Younus noticed the presence of a group inside the lodge. According to a tweet posted on the capital police’s official account, he suspended D-Chowk officials who were monitoring Ansarul Muslim workers entering the huts. After that, he led the surgery himself.

A video posted on Twitter showed police searching the interior of the hut and looking for “people in uniform.” separately videoPolice officers were arrested and witnessed forcibly expelling JUI-F personnel from the cabin.

Director JUI-F urges workers to head to the capital or block roads.

JUI-F’s Director Maulana Fazlur Rahman speaks to the press after the police operation ends. — Dawn News TV

Meanwhile, Maulana Fajlur Rahman, head of the opposition Pakistan Alliance for Democrats (PDM), also urged party members to gather in the capital after arriving at the hut.

“Our volunteers have come here in peace,” he said. “They[the police]broke into our cabin and attacked our MNA.

“I want to tell party members to either reach Islamabad or block the city’s roads and resist it from an incompetent government,” he added.

Later, speaking with journalist Shahzeb Khanzada, geography news On the show, Rehman demanded the immediate release of the party’s workers and volunteers, as well as an apology from the authorities.

“We demand that the MNA and others be released and apologize,” he said. “We have declared war and will not forgive them for this terror.”

Following Rehman’s phone call, the Sindh branch of JUI-F announced that they were holding demonstrations on Super Highway, Hub River Road and National Highways in Karachi, as well as in Jacobabad and Sukkur. Sit-downs were also held at the tollgates in Hyderabad, and traffic was restricted on the road.

Rashid said those arrested were ‘civilian militia’

Talking with Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid geography newsJUI-F accused of gathering 70 Ansarul Muslims into huts.

“People were hiding inside the huts,” he said. “We still wanted the matter to be resolved peacefully … but they beat up and imprisoned the police and did not hand over the Ansarul Muslims.”

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid speaks at a press conference. — Dawn News TV

At a subsequent press conference, the Interior Minister revealed that the police had arrested 19 “civilian militia”. company”.

The minister said all civilian militia were disbanded in 2019 and no one is now allowed to maintain such an army.

“I will also stop people from coming out on the road,” he warned.

“Please don’t get your hands on the law, because we won’t do it,” Rashid said, referring to Rehman who urges employees to take to the streets.

He said he directed all top secretaries and the IG to take action against anyone who got their hands on the law.

A spokeswoman for the Islamabad Police Department denied that Rashid had arrested JUI-F MNA, adding that Ayubi and Jamal-ud-Din were “in the SHO room of the Aabpara Police Station and are refusing to leave.”

A police spokesperson also claimed that Ansarul Islam was declared a banned and banned organization by federal and local governments on October 24, 2019.

But in 2021, according to sources Serb References calling for a ban on Ansar-ul-Islam are still pending on the Cabinet side.

Shehbaz demands the immediate release of detained JUI-F staff.

Parliamentary opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif condemned the operation and called for the immediate expulsion of the police from the Houses of Parliament.

“The search and seizure of the residences of members of the National Assembly [open] Bullying,” he said. “It is very harsh for the police to torture and arrest lawmakers.”

“The government must come to his senses and release the detained workers immediately.”

Sharif accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of throwing the country into chaos because of “fears of the opposition’s policy of no confidence”.

PML-N leader Kawaja Saad Rafiq said police came in during a meeting with Ayaz Sadiq. [the lodges]. “He said there was a warrant for the JUI-F employees. We tried to explain to them that you cannot enter the lodge this way,” he added.

The Police Should Not Be the Prime Minister’s Tool: Maryam

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz said Islamabad police should refrain from becoming “tools” of PM Imran and his government.

“It is not appropriate to condemn such insanity-based behavior. [You] You have to lose,” he warned.