No-trust vote: PM Imran warns opposition it would ‘lose this match badly’ – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the opposition party who submitted a no-confidence bill against him in the National Assembly on Sunday “will lose this match badly”.

The prime minister faces a major threat in the National Assembly as the fate of the prime minister is decided by a no-confidence resolution as the MNA of various parties have turned their backs on him and voted against him. It was because of the bribe offered by the opposition.

Speaking at a rally in Malakand, Prime Minister Imran said he was advised to pay similar bribes and bring dissident MNAs into the party. He said he prefers to lose the government rather than paying bribes and taking the same path the opposition is claiming.

“I curse the government for using public money to bring back defecting leaders,” he said at the rally.

Prime Minister Imran said, “I will forgive you when you come back. We all make mistakes. I am like a father who forgives himself. The children and I will forgive you.”

He asked “Turncourt” to think of the children and families he said would not earn respect and honor anywhere if the plan went well.

The prime minister criticized the opposition leaders, including Speaker of the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif, shouting ‘Absolutely not’ to the US request for a presence in Pakistan.

“When I was asked if Pakistan would give the United States a base for action in Afghanistan, I said never to ask… we can’t afford that approach,” the prime minister explained.

He has repeatedly told the United States that Pakistan will support the United States in peace, not war.

The prime minister later criticized Shevaz for criticizing the European Union’s envoy for calling on Pakistan to condemn Russia at the UN. Imran said the EU ambassador violated the protocol by asking Pakistan to blame Russia.

“It is correct that I asked them if they would write a similar letter to India,” the prime minister reiterated his statement to EU representatives earlier this month. .