No-trust motion against Parvez Elahi dismissed as Punjab Assembly session postponed to June 6 – Pakistan

The session of the Punjab Parliament, which was supposed to hold a motion of no confidence in Punjab Parliamentary Chairman Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and Vice Chairman Dost Mazari, was postponed to 6 June after the motion of no confidence in the Speaker was rejected.

A motion of no confidence for Chairman Elahi was rejected for technical reasons because members of the PML-N could not raise it against him because the police prevented lawmakers from entering.

As soon as the meeting started, one member of the National Assembly did not attend, so it was postponed to June 6.

PML-N’s Khalil Tahir Sindhu later said that the meeting had been postponed on “illegal grounds” and that he would oppose the speaker again today. “Nowhere in the law does it say that once consent is denied, it cannot be resubmitted,” he said.

Earlier, the MPA of the PML-N-led coalition allowed some PTI and PML-Q lawmakers to enter and claimed that Ellahi was responsible for this, and the speakers were Prime Minister Shevaz Sharif and CM Hamza Shebaz, “Father- son duo”. .

The session was scheduled to start at 12:30 PM. Elahi called the lawmakers to arrive at Parliament 30 minutes before.

increased security outside the parliament; Serb news tv reported, and television footage showed a contingent of police with riot gear outside the gates.

PML-N’s Ataullah Tarar told reporters that the doors were closed on orders from Parvez Elahi. “Elahi did all of this using his men. No media or MPA can get in. This is not the Guzrat provincial council, it’s the center of the 120 million people.”

Addressing Elahi, Tarar said he had “made it a habit” to break the sanctity of his home. “The no-confidence bill has been introduced against you, and according to the Constitution, you must hold a session within seven days.” He also said PML-N lawmakers would protest outside the city gates until entry was allowed.

Separately, PPP member Syed Hassan Murtaza told reporters that only PTI members could enter Parliament. He argued that such methods were used to cause an “accident” and become grounds for disqualification of a member of the legislature.

Meanwhile, Elahi said in a conversation with reporters that the “father-son” duo of Shehbaz and Hamza Shehbaz was shut down when asked who was responsible for the obstacles.

Punjab State House of Representatives Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi addresses reporters on Sunday. — Dawn News TV

He said it is now clear to the press that they (the government) “made a police gate.” “The truth is because they saw that there were no numbers. We have more people. Their lotus (Turn Court) The seat is gone… No one can stop legislation.”

He also warned that officers obstructing the proceedings risk becoming embroiled in Article 6 (treason) cases.

Earlier, Elahi spoke of an enhanced security presence:

“We will fight government fascism. No one can prevent elected representatives from entering the parliament.”

Former Punjab governor Omar Sarpraz Chima also tweeted on Twitter that he asked “heads of law enforcement and constitutional agencies” to keep an eye on the situation in Punjab.

“How long can 120 million people be harassed by this parent? [duo] And the police,” he added, adding that the public should not be forced to take to the streets “to liberate the state.”

Parliamentary officials arrested

According to a spokesman for the Punjab Provincial Parliament, the day was not short before the session began as a parliamentary official was detained by police.

A spokesperson confirmed reports that Parliament Secretary Rai Mumtaz had been arrested. A spokeswoman said in a statement that police broke down walls and broke into Mumtaz’s home.

Punjab Provincial Parliament Secretary General Rai Mumtaz. — Photo provided by the author

He claimed that police officers also raided the homes of Punjab’s parliamentary secretary Muhammad Khan Bhati and chief of staff Inayatula Rak, but failed to arrest them.

Ellahi denounced the police’s actions and said it was being done on orders from Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif. He also called the government’s behavior “fascist.”

“The government is using new tactics after breaking the sanctity of the House of Representatives,” he said, adding that the action against Punjab parliamentary officials is evidence that the government is “panic”.

“The unconstitutional and fake government is taking measures that violate the constitution and laws,” he said. “Sharif’s ‘real face’ was exposed in front of the public.”

Later that day, the Shadara Police Department revealed that a case involving three Punjab parliamentary officials was registered as a complaint by MPA Ashraf Rasool.

FIR, a copy of which is provided with: Serb.comIt has been registered in the Pakistani Criminal Code under Section 452 (trespass), 506-B (punishment for the threat of crime), 148 (riot, armed with lethal weapon) and 149 (unlawful assembly).

Rasoul claimed that five men came to his home around 10 am on May 21st. He added that when he went outside, he discovered three armed men were the chief of parliament, and that all five suspects had been forced into their home.

“Muhammad Khan Bhatti, Inayatullah and Rai Mumtaz pointed their pistols at me,” he said, citing the MPA as saying that if the secretary didn’t stop “opposing,” I would kill the senator.

“He also asked four other people to threaten me with horrific results,” he added, in an attempt to prevent him from serving as a member of parliament.

The complainant alleges that Bhatti preferred his native Mandi Bahauddin people when he was appointed secretary of the Punjab provincial legislature. Congressman Lee said the Punjab parliament had dealt with the matter.

Separately, Bhatti said in a statement that the local council was a democratic institution and that its officials had been attacked by “the darkness of the night.”

He claimed that officials took jewelry, cell phones, laptops and LCD TVs during a raid on his residence. He claimed that the coordinating secretary’s family had been harassed in addition to stealing.

Bhatti said the arrest of senior officials like Rai Mumtaz mocked the law. He also said he would sue officers for stealing things from his home.

Session called ahead of schedule

Saturday Elahi rescheduled the council meeting from May 30th to May 22nd (today).

No official agenda was announced until Saturday evening, but Chairman Elahi’s swift action now shows that he is fit for a runoff vote for the prime minister.

The council’s current power has been reduced to 346 after displacing 25 MPAs. PML-N has 165 MPAs, of which 5 members of the Sharaqpuri group have recently withdrawn their application. In addition to supporting 160 MPAs, PML-N has 7 PPP MPAs, 4 independents, and 1 Rah-i-Haq Party MPA. This shows that PML-N has 172 votes.

Ellahi’s PML-Q and his ally PTI, meanwhile, have a total of 168 powers, but the PTI-PML-Q alliance is expected to occupy both five women and minority seats, while PML-N claims to have two reserved seats. thereto.