No Covid case in KP for second time this week – Pakistan

PESHAWAR: For the second time this week, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recorded no coronavirus cases on Thursday.

However, health officials have warned people not to pay attention to the wind and said precautions against COVID-19 must be taken to contain the spread.

The province did not record any coronavirus cases as of May 3.

Officials told Dawn that the World Health Organization (WHO) will declare the epidemic over if no cases of Covid-19 are reported during the double incubation period (28 days).

They said coronavirus prevention through surveillance and monitoring is a priority.

Officials said people should use face masks to prevent infection and transmission.

“New coronavirus strains are coming in from several countries, and 0 cases can continue once people are vaccinated against the virus,” an official said.

He said states have been consistently diagnosing Covid-19 almost every day since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The official said that vaccination is one of the reasons for the decrease in the incidence of COVID-19.

He said he was conducting 1,500 tests daily on suspected patients as cases declined in the region.

“If no cases are reported, the number of screenings and testing is also reduced. Five close contacts of all confirmed patients were followed and tested,” he said.

Meanwhile, other officials said the province had recorded 6,324 deaths and 219,532 cases so far, but two deaths from the coronavirus since last month.

They said it is a good thing that relatives and contacts of 1,272 confirmed cases have been tested, but none of them are positive, but such people should continue to follow precautions.

Posted at Serb on May 6, 2022