No choice other than IMF-dictated budget, NA told – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Senator Sherry Rehman on climate change, who accused the former Pakistani Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) regime of putting the country on the brink of bankruptcy, said on Wednesday the coalition had no choice but to submit a budget. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Oral and Conditions.

“This is absolutely the IMF budget. There is no doubt,” said Lehman as he participated in the general discussion of the federal budget for fiscal 2022-23 held in the National Assembly without a quorum for nearly three hours.

With the exception of Rehman, almost all lawmakers have accused the PTI government and its leader Imran Khan of ruining the country’s economy.

“If this is the IMF budget, who tied us to the IMF?” She asked, alleging that the PTI government drove the country into default during her four-year reign. She said even after PTI left the economy to ventilators, she was still willing to create anarchy in the country.

Opposition strikes in absence of minister

Rehman justified the coalition’s decision to form a government after he ousted then-Prime Minister Imran Khan in a vote of no confidence, knowing that the upcoming general election could cost him a fortune. The country was heading towards a default like Sri Lanka.

“Pakistan was going down at great speed like a train on a slippery slope… This is called crisis management,” Rehman said. At the same time, she told her home the country had to make harder decisions.

She said the PTI government initially tied the new government to the worst IMF deal and then breached it, exposing the country to the entire multilateral financial system.

“Unfortunately, after leaving the economy in a tattered state, it continues to ignite political instability in Pakistan,” she said. It’s very dangerous, especially for Pakistan right now,” she said.

“they [PTI] When they came to power, they said they would put an end to corruption. Instead, Pakistan is currently ranked 140th on the Transparency International Corruption Index from its previous 117th place. Let’s not forget the foreign gift that Imran Khan bought at a huge discount to sell abroad,” he added, adding that PTI made an appointment with the IMF, got a loan, and spent money on an unsustainable program.

“This is the poisonous grail that PTI has left us, but as it has been in the past two months, this government will make a difficult decision. There will be hard times and hard times until we get to stabilization,” he said.

She said governments must make difficult decisions to break the debt trap and get them back on track by bringing about fundamental changes in the economic model. She said different governments have negotiated about 23 IMF programs in the past 70 years, but always try to put the least burden on the general public.

resignation of the opposition

Lehman made a statement after the opposition party, led by opposition leader Raja Riaz Ahmed, launched an explicit strike in Parliament for the first time over the failure of a minister and finance minister to attend a meeting.

Prime Minister Ahmed left the meetinghouse along with other PTI dissident Ahmed Hussein Dhar after declaring a full boycott of the meeting, but they were persuaded by Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNA Agha within minutes. returned home Rafiullah, sent by Vice President Zahid Akram Durrani to bring back protesting lawmakers.

The absence of a minister and lack of interest from members have been pointed out earlier by several lawmakers, including Sheikh Rohale Asghar of the ruling Pakistan Muslim Federation-Nawaz (PML-N). When a PML-N member pointed to an empty bench and complained about the members’ lack of interest, only two pastors were present at the Moderator.

Earlier, Saira Bano of the Alliance for Democracy (GDA) also protested the absence of the Treasury and said lawmakers were more interested in visiting constituencies for local government elections.

Posted at Serb on June 23, 2022