New Pakistan being raised upon opposition’s funeral: PM Imran – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the Pakistani Terik-e-Insaf (PTI) rally in Islamabad on March 27 and urged the opposition parties to “have a funeral”. it’s me (New)Pakistan is being raised.”

“The new Pakistan will be the country Quaid-i-Azam fought and Allama Iqbal dreamed of,” the prime minister said at a rally in Mansera.

He said that he would invite all the people to the PTI rally held in the capital on March 27 and send a message to the opposition party: “We stand against people like you (opposition parties) who buy and sell conscience and conscience, against the truth.” It destroys the system and democracy of the state.”

The prime minister further said, “Allah did not allow us to stand back and say that we are neutral when we have a war between good and evil.”

In an earlier speech, the prime minister reiterated the accusations that the opposition was trading horses ahead of a vote of no confidence in him. mandi (Market) is set up in Islamabad, people’s consciences are being sold for 250-250 million rupees.”

In such a situation, he said, he would have to choose between two choices: the hard righteous path and the easy but easy path that leads to destruction.

Prime Minister Imran then collectively referred to Pakistani Democratization Movement Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman, PML-N Chairman Shehbaz Sharif and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari as “three rats” as the three opposition leaders “criticized and feared you and You are blackmailed”.

“But the road to greatness is tough,” he said, arguing that legitimate lawmakers should refrain from supporting the opposition.

man’s respect, leak And death is in the hands of Allah, said the Prime Minister. “So no one [has the power] It’s demeaning someone,” he added.

The prime minister also argued that the purpose of the opposition vote of no confidence in him was to put an end to corruption cases brought against him.

Prime Minister Imran added, “There is only one goal behind this war of confidence. In the era of General Musharraf, the case against them will be closed and NRO (pardon) given.” If we close this case, I will commit the greatest treason against Pakistan.”

“Three shrews and three mice went out hunting me,” he said again, referring to the opposition leaders and the vote of no confidence they brought.

“But I will defeat them.” He said.

‘Make sure the green passport is respected’

The prime minister also claimed that when opposition leaders came to power, they “enslaved the whole country” by looting the country’s money and transferring it to foreign bank accounts.

“And when I became prime minister, I made a firm commitment not to enslave the country. [any other entity]“I will prove it,” he added. [this by ensuring] A green passport is respected worldwide.”

He said the only way Pakistan can progress is to follow the principles laid down by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be with him) in Madina State.

And only then will the green passport be respected in the world.”

Prime Minister Imran said the country is now on its way to setting an example for the rest of the world, listing various initiatives the government has taken, such as issuing health cards.

critical opposition

The prime minister also said he told himself each time he would not call Pakistani pro-democracy president Maulana Fazlur Lehman “diesel” before speaking at the rally. But he continued, “What should I do? Every time I get up to give a speech, I start to hear the diesel engine noise. [crowd]in all directions.”

“And in these tough and difficult times, we’ve been trying to keep diesel prices down,” he said.

“I’m begging everyone to become prime minister,” the prime minister laughed at Shevaz.

“You wash everyone’s boots, so I named you Cherry Blossom,” he said.

Continuing his ridicule of the Sharif family, the prime minister said they seem to have moved to London and do politics there.

“If that happens, they will ask us for a loan, saying that the UK has bankrupted the country,” the prime minister said.