Nawaz to decide next election timing: Maryam – Pakistan

GUJRAT: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz says the next election will be held when Nawaz Sharif decides, and asks how Imran Khan will treat people in the election with no results during his tenure.

She predicted that any attempt by the PTI Director to shift the burden of poor economic performance to PML-N would fail. She said the game ended in the hands of Mr. Khan, who tried to evade public responsibility after the party government’s poor performance. She said the PTI government has landed mines and put on ventilators for the country’s economy.

Maryam was speaking at a rally of charged PML-N workers in the village of Kotla, Gujrat, on Sunday.

She gave the PTI’s policing officer far more convincing than Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif if she made a video recording the names of those who planned to assassinate her.

Ask Imran to make a video about the assassination bid

“Imran Khan, I’m sure the story on the video is another lie, but don’t wait for the tragedy to happen. Nawaz Sharif has a big heart and you have more than Shehbaz Sharif’s,” she said.

“I’m going to tell Interior Minister Lana Sanaula not to wait for the tragedy to happen after receiving the video from Imran Khan,” Mariam said. She reminded the hospital that it was Nawaz who had visited him by halting the campaign ahead of a 2013 poll while mocking a PTI leader who threatened to withdraw Nawaz Sharif’s air-conditioning facilities in prison.

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Maryam said Imran didn’t block the facility’s phone number. This is because the facility’s phone number was changed while Pakistanis were calling Khan the wrong number when he went to pick up the ballot.

She said the PTI director should have called for new elections instead of begging for support from his allies when he came to power, adding that now everyone in Pakistan is looking at Nawaz, which has always been the center of attention in Pakistani politics.

Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shahbaz said in a speech that he would lower the price of sugar from more than 100 rupees per kilogram to 70 rupees per kilogram. .

He said the government does not believe in a politics of sacrifice, but has warned Imran not to cause chaos to the country through hate speech, as this situation is causing enormous losses to the public and the country.

He warned the former prime minister that if Khan didn’t change his ways, the prison doors would open like a courthouse at night to uphold the constitution. He promised free medicines to cancer patients and relief measures for other patients in public hospitals.

Posted at Serb on May 16, 2022