NA session adjourned without tabling of no-trust motion against PM – Pakistan

The plenary session of the National Assembly, in which the opposition party submitted a decisive no-confidence bill against Prime Minister Imran Khan, was postponed until March 28 (Monday) without resolution.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Shireen Mazari, Asad Umar, Ali Muhammad Khan of the ruling PTI, and Femida Mirza of the Grand Democratic Alliance ( Fehmida Mirza) attended the meeting.

The opposition parties also attended the meeting, including opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif, Speaker of the National Assembly, Bilalwal Bhutto-Zardari, Chairman of the PPP, and Asif Ali Zardari, Co-Chairman of the PPP.

It is reported that 150 opposition lawmakers and 50 finance ministers attended the meeting. However, the exact number could not be confirmed.

The session began with a reading of the Quran and prayers for the late MNA Khayal Zaman, former President Rafiq Tarar and Senator Rehman Malik. However, NA chairman Asad Qaiser said it would be postponed depending on the congressional convention.

It is the National Assembly convention that the first dinner after the death of MNA is limited to prayers for the souls of the deceased and tributes that fellow lawmakers wish to offer.

Qaiser said that by tradition, the agenda is postponed the day after the House of Representatives passes it. “This has been happening for years,” he added, adding that there have been a total of 24 times in the past.

He postponed the meeting until 4:00 p.m. on March 28, after he once again insisted on proceeding “according to rules and procedures”.

The National Assembly Secretariat issued a 15-item ‘today’s directive’ to the National Assembly on Thursday, including a resolution of no confidence.

Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry previously said: Serb He tweeted that he had no plans to postpone the meeting and said “nothing will happen” at today’s meeting.

On March 8, the opposition party submitted a petition with the Speaker of the National Assembly to the National Assembly Secretariat. According to the Constitution, the chairman was required to hold a session within 14 days. However, he did not convene a session until March 21. [the 14th day]It will start today.

After the resolution is presented to the National Assembly, voting takes place at least 3 to 7 days later.

‘The speaker became Imran Khan’s concubine’

Shortly after the meeting was adjourned, Shebaz, holding a press conference outside the Houses of Parliament, launched a bitter attack, calling the Kaiser a “shrew” of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The PML-N president said Qaiser violated the rules of procedure by performing the procedure as a “PTI worker.”

Opposition leaders hold a press conference outside the Houses of Parliament. — Dawn News TV

He said that the motion and request for the session was submitted on March 8, and the rule requires the NA chair to convene the session within 14 days. “This is a constitutional duty, and not doing it violates the constitution,” he said.

Shehbaz also called for the speaker to be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution, which deals with treason.

“After Pateha Kwani was over, I stood up and spoke as instructed, but the microphone wasn’t on,” he claimed. He acknowledged that the National Assembly convention was limited to prayers for the deceased, but added that today is “an important day.”

“The Constitution and the law are above tradition and should have allowed voting. […] Tradition aside, the speaker should have agreed. [but] He left without hearing.”

Shehbaz declared that if the same action were taken in the next session, the opposition would use all “constitutional, political and legal” options to achieve a measure of no confidence.

Later on Twitter, he said that the NA chairman “keeps trampling on constitutional provisions.”

“This partisan behavior is not suitable for housekeepers. The postponement of the NA session is part of a desperate effort to thwart the no-confidence process,” he said. “This underhand tactic cannot prevent the inevitable!”

Bilawal claimed that the prime minister was “fleeing the arena” and reiterated that Qaiser violated the constitution. However, the PPP chairman insisted that the opposition was united and would not let the prime minister “run away”.

“The no-confidence bill will become our democratic weapon,” he said.

He later added that Qaiser offered “weak excuses” to avoid measures of no confidence. “Imran can’t run forever. The prime minister is sporty and can’t face defeat with grace. captan “It will sink like a rat in a sinking ship,” he said.

Separately, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi demanded an apology from Shevaz for ridiculing the NA speaker.

“The words you used about Assad Kaiser are inappropriate,” he said.

He also refuted allegations that the government was “running away” from the no-confidence bill. We will deal with it in a democratic, political and legal way.”

To a reporter’s question, the minister replied that the opposition would be surprised once more on March 27.

‘If there is no resolution today, there will be an uproar’

According to the PPP, opposition leaders gathered for a meeting before the meeting and issued “important instructions” to lawmakers.

In the process of entering the National Assembly, Zardari, who was chased by reporters, showed a confident appearance.

“All eyes are on you. You have previous experience. How confident are you?” asked a reporter.

“If God wants it, it’s 100% if my Maula wants it.” he replied He added that the opposition would “make a fuss” if the NA chair did not allow the motion to be voted on.

He also ignored concerns that “undemocratic powers” could take advantage of the situation. “We have a strategy for this. Interest is most welcome.”

His son Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari also smiled and told reporters that the no-confidence bill was on today’s agenda.

“From now on, the people will win and the ‘chosen one’ will lose. Victory or defeat is in the hands of God. [but] We are working hard,” he said.

When asked what would happen if the bill was not adopted, he said, “Look how we manage it. […] We are fully prepared.”

Shehbaz said the opposition will exercise its right to voice its consent at today’s meeting. However, if the agenda is not proposed, we will discuss it.”

Guidelines issued for MNA

Meanwhile, the NA speaker on Thursday issued guidelines for MNAs considering stringent security measures for their sessions.

According to the speaker’s notice: “Visitors/guests/guards of the Minister/Members are not allowed on the grounds of the Capitol and it is recommended to limit it to the D-Chowk in front of the Capitol.”

To avoid traffic congestion, a shuttle service to and from the Capitol, government hostels and the Capitol has been operated, making it convenient for lawmakers to use, the order said.

The MP’s private driver said he must park his vehicle in a designated parking space and must not leave his vehicle unattended. The Security Agency delegated to the Capitol was also instructed to prepare accordingly and ensure that the speaker’s instructions were carried out.