‘N’ bigwigs in London to seek Nawaz’s counsel – Pakistan

• Cabinet decides to oppose increases in flour and sugar prices
• PM wants incentivized agricultural policies to reduce wheat imports

Islamabad: As tensions escalate on the political front, the prime minister and senior leadership of the main ruling party, PML-N, traveled to London on Wednesday (today) to meet leader Nawaz Sharif.

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announcing the visit of the party’s supreme command, said PML-N leaders would make a personal visit to meet the party leader, adding that Prime Minister Sharif will also be there.

Aurangzeb said critics of the visit were blowing it up by opponents of the government.

Seeing what appeared to be an attempt to underestimate the importance of a visit to London while the country was suffering from a constitutional and economic crisis, Aurangzeb said the delegation would consult with Elder Sharif. It is an ongoing process and is not unusual among political parties.

But their main competitor, Imran Khan, said at a public meeting on Tuesday that the entire cabinet will meet a ‘corrupted and convicted’ person and receive taxpayer money.

the source said Serb Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif departed for London shortly after midnight on British Airways. He is expected to stay in London for two or three days.

The 10 delegation consists of Prime Minister Sharif, Defense Minister Kawaja Asif, Information Minister Marijum Aurangzeb, Planning Minister Asan Iqbal, Electricity Minister Kuram Dastagir, Finance Minister Mifta Ismail, and Railway Minister Kawaja Saad Rafiq. .

The timing of the prime minister’s and senior leadership’s visit to London is being questioned, and observers are asking why such a trip is needed at a time when the country is at stake.

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According to insiders, the PML-N leaders are making ‘bad excuses’, including having to face Nawaz face-to-face for political negotiations.

Sources said several key decisions could be made at the meeting, including resolving the issue of early elections, developing a PTI response strategy and preventing an upcoming price hike.

Cabinet decision

Meanwhile, the government on Tuesday decided to import 3 million tonnes of wheat without raising flour and sugar prices to meet local demand.

The decision was made at a federal cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday.

Briefing the decision made by the federal cabinet, Marriyum Aurangzeb, the media said the prime minister had directed the introduction of an incentive agriculture policy that would reduce wheat imports.

She said the cabinet also approved the repeal of several foreign passports under the Passport Act of 1974. She said the cabinet has decided not only to revoke such passports, but must adopt a strategy to prevent it in the future.

She said the last date for cancellation of dual foreign passports is December 31, 2022, adding that all procedural and administrative actions will be finalized to seek legal action against dual passport holders.

The Cabinet has also decided to maintain a fixed ratio of flour and sugar under the Ramadan package. Depending on the package, a 20 kg bag of flour has been reduced from 950 to 800 rupees, and sugar has been reduced from 85 rupees to 70 rupees per kg.

Prime Minister Aurangzeb also said that the Cabinet had been briefed on the Prime Minister’s visits to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which had approved the appointment of Fawad Asadullah Khan as Director of Intelligence and accepted the resignation of Wapda Chairman Muzammil Hussain.

Posted at Serb on May 11, 2022