Man, his son killed ‘over free-will marriage’ of kin in Bahawalpur – Pakistan

BAHAWALPUR: It is believed that a man and his son were killed in the escape and free will of a girl in the village of 25/BC on Yazman Road on the border of Baghdadul Jadid Police Station, about 15 km from here.

Police and Rescue 1122 sources said Liaquat and his son Usman were threatened by an Ehsan Ali and later shot on their way back from the mosque after an Ishaa prayer on Friday night.

As a result, Liaquat died on the spot and his son suffered serious injuries and was immediately taken to Bahawal Victoria Hospital, where he was injured on Saturday. The suspect managed to escape the scene.

Police moved the body to the morgue for an autopsy, and Fauzi Aatique, the widow of the deceased Liaquat, was found in Essan Ali.

Atique told FIR that suspect Ehsan Ali’s sister, Aisha Shahid, married Liaquat’s brother Tahir Waseem after the recent runaway, the couple later moved to Saudi Arabia.

She said the suspect held a grudge against Liaquat and wanted revenge, accusing Liaquat of playing a role in her sister’s escape.

Police said they were conducting a raid to apprehend the suspect.

Confiscated alcoholic beverages: Baghdaul Jadid police said on Saturday they had arrested two suspects for confiscating 561 bottles of foreign alcoholic beverages worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

According to Station Sgt Irfan Akbar, police reportedly took a picket and stopped a small truck that appeared to be loaded with pesticides for confirmation at a Southern bypass near the city.

During the inspection, he claimed, 49 boxes containing 561 bottles were recovered from the vehicle. Police arrested two suspects, identified as Naqeebullah and Nawaz, who are charged with smuggling alcohol from Quetta for supply to other parts of the Bahawalpur department.

Posted at Serb on April 3, 2022