London, Bilawal House worried by govt handling of Madina incident – Pakistan

• Javed Latif says the state should file a complaint.
• Khawaja Asif is not in favor of ‘revenge’.
• Farhatullah Babar says parties will always oppose ‘weaponization of religion-based laws’

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Top leadership and sound elements of the PML-N and PPP, the two largest partners of the ruling coalition, are dissatisfied with the handling of the situation after the Madina Mosque incident and the registration of the case against PTI leaders in other regions. national.

Background interviews with several senior leaders from both parties show that there is a general feeling within the ruling coalition that the government may have “overreacted” on the matter. government.

“Saudi authorities’ swift action against Pakistani pilgrims who appear to be PTI supporters”seconds, seconds (thieves)” and “Rotay (turncourt)”, physically attacking some members of Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif’s official delegation and widespread condemnation of the incident, the PTI was defensive, but the government’s actions not only provided the former ruling party an opportunity but also contained the damage. Not only that, but they also portray themselves as victims.

Some demonstrators were seen chasing and attempting to physically attack Federal Ministers Shahzain Bugti and Marriyum Aurangzeb, who were rescued and escorted by bodyguards and police.

“People’s sympathy was initially with us after the Seongwon-Lee-Navi incident. But now emotions are starting to shift in the other direction. Serb On condition of anonymity on Monday.

Recalling that the political parties in the current government have in the past criticized Imran Khan for using religion for political gain, the minister said the registration of the incident and some statements by politicians linking the incident to blasphemy had greatly damaged their story.

“Secondly, these actions and reactions provided the perpetrator with the opportunity to present themselves as victims, which is evident in the statements that are being made today, from a healthy standpoint different from civil society opposing the registration of blasphemy cases,” the minister said.

In response to the question, he said that Prime Minister Sharif had not given any instructions in this regard and that the matter was handled exclusively by Interior Minister Rana Sanaula.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister Javed Latif of PML-N has publicly said he opposes the government’s First Information Reports (FIR) registration policy, which opposes the PTI leadership in the Masjid-i-Nabwi case. “(joke).

Latif, who has not yet been assigned a portfolio, said he is unable to speak on the matter in the cabinet because it is not an issue unique to the party government. “If this government hadn’t been a coalition government, I would have been able to talk directly about this issue (with the Prime Minister). With this report, I would like to ask Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif not to register the FIR for complaints from various people about the sensitive issue of the Masjid-i-Nabwi case. Rather, the state should step forward and file a complaint to deal with Imrani fitna,” he said at a press conference in Lahore on Monday.

Lee is said to have not enjoyed a friendly relationship with the prime minister since she claimed that it had something to do with vested interests.

A PML-N insider said: Serb Latif isn’t the only one who ‘asked’ to PM Shehbaz for taking an aggressive stance on issues that could give Khan more political advantage.

“Some senior PML-N leaders are of the view that Imran Khan and his associates should be exposed to their corruption and not engage in religious matters. This will not reflect well on us in the end,” he added, adding that the PPP opposes Shehbaz’s policy of using events to publicly implicate PTI leadership in events.

An insider went further, saying that Prime Minister Shevaz, known for his reconciliation politics, should not follow the advice of party hawks like Interior Minister Rana Sanaula.

Defense Minister Khwaja Asif also advised the government to avoid conflict. “I am not in favor of revenge (from political opponents). We have to avoid clashes because we are in government,” he told a news channel on Monday.

Moreover, PPP Secretary-General and former senator Farhatulla Babar, on her Twitter account, described the organization of blasphemy against rival PTI leaders as “the most chaotic, crazy and accusatory.”

Babar has always been against “the weaponization of religion-based laws” in the past, says he is, and will continue to do so.

talk Serb, Mr Babar urged the government to give counselors access to Pakistani pilgrims detained by Saudi authorities. Interestingly, the veteran politician made these demands despite the fact that his party chairman, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, was the foreign minister.

Faisalabad, Attok, and Islamabad police forces were led by PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan, as well as party entrenched Fawad Chaudhry, Shahbaz Gill, Qasim Suri, and Separate cases were registered for desecrating sacred places against more than 150 others, including Sahibzada Jahangir and Aneel Musarrat. During the official delegation’s visit last week, various citizens complained about the hooligan who damaged the support at the Masjid. The Saudi government has arrested some Pakistanis for violating the rules as hooligans.

After FIR registration, police arrested Rashid Shafik, the nephew of former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, who arrived from Saudi Arabia on Sunday. On Monday, a district court in Attock detained him for two days in police custody over the mosque case. His uncle, Shafiq, is also accused of instigating and plotting an incident in Madina.

PTI leaders, on the other hand, called the event a voluntary response to Imran Khan’s ouster. The party, through its Vice President and former Intelligence Minister Fawad Chaudhry, has already submitted a written petition to the High Court of Islamabad demanding that the lawsuit against its leadership be declared “illegal”. In the petition, Chaudhry also accused Sanaullah of targeting PTI leadership.

Despite repeated attempts, the Interior Minister was unable to receive comment.

Posted at Serb on May 3, 2022