LHC orders Punjab Assembly deputy speaker’s office be reopened – Pakistan

The Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered Monday to reopen the office of the Vice-Chairman of the Punjab State Parliament and return to the site after stakeholders failed to mutually confirm a date for the election of the prime minister.

LHC Chief Justice Ameer Bhatti also ordered the High Court Clerk and PA Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhatti to accompany their representatives during the reopening of offices. The secretary was also ordered to record all information regarding the state of Parliament, including furniture, vandalism and CCTV footage.

Judge Bhatti’s remarks came as the court accommodated opposition leaders in a petition from PA Hamza Shehbaz asking for help in conducting Punjab’s new prime minister election in a “fair and transparent” manner. Earlier, LHC CJ also blackmailed PA speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi’s petition in this case, which accused the PML-N leader of holding MPA hostage.

The judge had previously postponed the hearing to 2 p.m. and found the parties were still deadlocked when the hearing resumed.

PML-Q’s attorney, Ali Zafar, argued that the Vice-Chairman could not chair the General Assembly by submitting a motion of no confidence to him, but the Chief Justice rejected him, saying he was “wrong”, arguing that he would if it were not for Mazari. Who can conduct the election of prime minister.

PML-N attorney Azam Nazeer Tarar said there was also a no-confidence motion against Qasim Khan Suri, but he is presiding over today’s parliamentary meeting.

The Chief Justice ordered the implementation of the order and postponed the hearing to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Earlier, the judge had instructed Hamza and Ellahi to mutually confirm the date of the prime minister’s election with Mazari.

Judge Ameer Bhatti said, “Everyone should sit in the Punjab spokesperson’s office and settle the matter amicably.” “Remember that we are all residents of this country. Don’t make scenes outside. Let’s solve problems together at home,” he said.

Referring to the April 3 PA session at the hearing, the judge said it was a matter before the courts whether Congress could be postponed to elect CMs. “You should ask the relevant authorities about the CM selection process.”

Tarar said in his allegation that the position of Punjab CM has been vacant since Usman Buzdar’s resignation. “There are currently no executives in the province,” he said.

Consequently, the judge directed the PA secretary to brief the court on the election records.

He replied that the election process began the next day after Buzdar resigned on 1 April. “April 2 investigation [of candidates] It has been completed and the nomination papers have been accepted.”

On April 3, the secretary continued to convene a meeting led by Mazari, but it was postponed until April 6 after a fight broke out among women lawmakers within the hall.

LHC CJ asked, “Is there a video of the match?”

The secretary responded positively and continued to say that the session had been postponed further after sending the speaker a report on damage inside the PA on April 4th.

“But on April 6, a notice issued by Mazari started circulating on social media, saying that in the evening a meeting was being called,” he said. Vice Chairman.

As a result, he added that the speaker had deprived Mazari of his abilities.

Here Judge Bhatti asked the reason for the speaker’s actions. “You did not receive a notification… This means that no process has occurred.”

The secretary later replied that the motion of no confidence had been moved against the vice-chairman. “If this happens, the vice-chairman will not be able to preside over the session.”

‘Can we postpone the CM election?’

The judge asked again if the election for the prime minister could be legally postponed. “Obviously, that’s not allowed,” he observed, and then wondered if he could file his nomination papers a day before the vote.

PML-Q’s attorney, Ali Zafar, said the documents could be submitted one day before the election.

However, LHC CJ said in the rule “time, not work.” He also questioned whether the vice-chairman had the right to suspend the vice-chairman’s powers if he ran for office.

“The main question is under which law the election date was changed,” he said. “How could someone break the election schedule and set their own date?”

Zafar said the courts cannot intervene in parliamentary affairs. “The matter has been appealed to the Supreme Court, but no decision has been made,” he added.

As a result, Punjab spokesman Ahmed Owais took the podium. “I had said [in the SC] that no one could surpass the power of the law.”

However, counsel for PML-N argued that the Supreme Court said it was a local matter and should be sent to the High Court.

Here, a spokesperson brought up PML-N’s mock rally session at a private hotel in Lahore, but Nazeer insisted the meeting was just “symbolic.” “There wasn’t even a speaker there,” he added.

‘Vote as soon as possible’

After the debate, Judge Bhatti said that the election rules were formed for a reason. “You can’t follow or break the rules whenever you want,” he added, adding that the SC also ruled that the no-confidence movement could be extended.

LHC CJ recalled that “they emphasized the need to vote” and repeatedly emphasized that the General Assembly had no choice but to follow the rules.

They also asked why the election had to be postponed until April 16. “There is no reason to extend. Vote in a day or two. Hold it as soon as possible.”

Accordingly, the judge postponed the hearing until 2 p.m. and instructed all defendants to prepare an election plan together and submit it to the court.

Punjab CM Election

The Punjab parliament must elect a new leader in the lower house after Usman Buzdar resigned last month. With support from PML-Q’s Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and PTI’s dissident MPs Jahangir Khan Tarin and Aleem Khan group, PML-N’s Hamza is expected to face off in the race to become the next prime minister.

To be elected Prime Minister, at least 186 out of 371 members are required.

In the Punjab Parliament, PTI has 183 MPs, PML-Q 10 members, PML-N 165 members, PPP 7 members, 5 independents and 1 Rah-i-Haq.

A decisive factor in the election will be the support of the Jahangir Tarin group, which is said to have won at least 16 MPA votes.

On Thursday, opposition parties submitted a motion of no confidence to Elahi, who is also the PA chairman, further pressing the space for local governments to use their cards.

Punjab’s ruling coalition has once again warned the MPA against voting for Hamza after the top court on Thursday overruled the parliamentary vice-chairman’s decision on a bill of no confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan. Otherwise, you will be fired. sat down

The dissident PTI MNA was not needed to oust PM Imran as the joint opposition party in the National Assembly had the necessary numbers, including support from former government allies. But in PA, the opposition needs the support of many PTI opponents to appoint a prime minister.

On Wednesday, the PML-N-led opposition was barred from entering the PA as Elahi declared an ‘order’ to Vice-Chairman Dost Muhammad Mazari to call a session ‘illegal’ after it was sealed off.

According to the General Assembly Secretariat, the meeting will be convened on 16 April upon prior notice of the General Assembly signed by the Vice-Chairman. Elahi used her powers as a speaker to order the revocation of the powers delegated to Mazari, which took effect immediately.

Mazari’s authority to preside over the meeting was taken away after fellow members of the PTI-PML-Q coalition submitted a motion of no confidence against him. His sudden change of heart was called the ‘masterpiece’ of the PML-N leadership, who courted him with a ‘good offer’.