Letting Nawaz go abroad was a big mistake: PM Imran – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted on Friday that the government had made a mistake in allowing PML-N Supreme Council member Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for medical treatment.

He expressed this view while speaking at a public gathering in Mandi Bahauddin, which was full of PTI supporters. In an ardent speech, the prime minister launched a ferocious assault on the opposition, sworn that he would not leave the opposition alone until he returned the wealth of the plundered country.

Commenting on Nawaz’s alleged illness, he said, “First one disease, then another, then platelets,” adding that the government is getting the impression he won’t live long. “I admit we made a big mistake by allowing him. [Nawaz] to go on an overseas trip.”

He mentioned that PML-N supremo used to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the past and ask PTI where the ‘Naya KP’ was. “This state, giving no one a second chance in the 2018 elections, elected the PTI by a two-thirds majority.”

The prime minister called the opposition “a gang of thieves” and denounced Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman. He said that director JUI-F was gathering opposition and demanded the overthrow of the PTI government every three months.

“The biggest reason is that 30 years later, the National Assembly of Korea operates without diesel. [power]’ he said, referring to the fact that he was not part of the National Assembly.

He said the opposition was fearful, adding that he sensed JUI-F would come back to power in 2023 and was urging the opposition to oust the PTI government.

The lack of trust of the opposition party to save the looted wealth’

He also accused the opposition of pushing a no-confidence bill against the government in an effort to save looted wealth.

“Why are you in a rush to take action without trust?” He asked, noting that PML-N chairman Shehbaz Sharif is now facing money laundering allegations.

“Shehbaz, if you’re innocent, why do you ask the court more time? Ask for a routine hearing.”

Prime Minister Imran stayed in the country when the opposition brought him to the Supreme Court Sadiq and Amin (honest and righteous).

“I submitted the documents required by the court. I did not escape. [or] Request more dates. I told them to listen to the case [day-to-day]. So, Shehbaz, why are you running?” He added that the court was free.

The prime minister pointed a gun at PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, saying she too was “frightened” and “tried to scare the judges” over the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case.

“They want a trustless measure so that the government can be overthrown and back down as ruthlessly as it was during the reign of General Musharraf,” he said, referring to the country’s former military ruler.

“I have a message for the Sharif family. We are ready for whatever you decide to do. Whatever your plans, captan We are ready for that plan.”

He predicted that the opposition would not only fail once again, but this time in prison.

‘There is no NRO for thieves’

Prime Minister Imran also adamantly said he would not receive a National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) (a term used to imply amnesty) until the opposition party returns the money stolen from the people.

“They fear Imran Khan because there is no reward. He will not give him an NRO like General Musharraf.”

He said the case with the opposition is old and he is asking for the NRO in the same way he asked General Musharraf.

“These thieves will not get the NRO until they take the country back. [looted] money […] As long as they live, I will not give them rest until I return their wealth.”

He added that the courts are free and the government respects the judiciary. Giving an example of the opposition’s allegations of interference in the judiciary, he said retired judge Sajjad Ali was pressured and expelled from court while hearing corruption lawsuits against SC’s Quetta bench alleging “bought”.

“Now Mariam Sahiva She says she has the tape. Have you ever heard that politicians keep tapes and threaten judges?”

He said there were first tapes of Arshad Malik, a former chief judge who passed away in 2020. He then referred to an audio clip he claimed to have “made fake tapes of a former judge to save himself from the case.” Former CJP Mian Saqib of Nisar.

“It’s not what politicians do, it’s what the mafia do,” he said, urging his supporters to help the government defeat them. “I swore to fight them as long as I live.”

‘Inflation has risen’

The prime minister said the following about rising inflation: [the opposition] said to have increased. There is no doubt that it has increased.”

But he said the government is always working on ways to reduce the burden on the people from this inflation.

Prime Minister Imran also urged reporters to inform people about the reasons for the price increase. “The pandemic has affected our supply lines. The goods are scarce and more expensive.”

He said gasoline, which previously sold for $40 a barrel, is now selling for $90. “What can we do about this? We have to import gasoline.”

The prime minister said the government has cut tariffs and taxes on oil to ease the burden on the common people. “This causes the government to lose 70 billion rupees every month.”

He emphasized that inflation has risen worldwide, noting that inflation has hit an all-time high in the United States for the first time in 40 years. He also cites examples from Germany, England and Turkey.

“If you google this on your cell phone, you will find that I am telling the truth,” he said.

At the same time, the prime minister also added that the country’s exports, remittances and tax collection reached all-time highs and the country was heading in the right direction.