KU suicide bomber’s husband claims she was ‘mentally ill’: Rind – Pakistan

Balochistan parliamentary intelligence minister Bushra Rind said on Thursday that the detained husband of a Karachi University suicide bomber claimed his wife was “psychotic”.

At least four people, including three Chinese, were killed and four others were injured in a suicide bombing outside the Confucius Institute at Karachi University two days ago.

CCTV footage at the time of the attack showed a woman wearing a burqa standing outside the entrance to the Confucius Institute. The woman said that as her van got closer to the entrance to the lab, she exploded on her own.

The Banned Baloch Liberation Army later claimed responsibility for the attack.

Investigators identified the bomber as Shari Baloch, a married mother of two. On Wednesday, CTD official Raja Umar Khattab said her husband, whom he identified as Dr. Haibatan, was missing and that raids were underway to find him and another ally.

At a press conference in Quetta today, Rind confirmed that her husband had been arrested by law enforcement and that he had revealed his wife’s mental state during interrogation.

Quoting her husband, she said that his wife was on medication for a mental illness.

Rind said “external forces” were attempting to engage the Baloch state in anti-state action in “cowardly attempts” to distrust and portray the community in a bad light. “The Baloch state will not be affected by such hostile conspiracies,” she swore.

She denounced the attack, calling the suicide bombing a “tragic event” aimed at Chinese teachers.

A day earlier, Balochistan Prime Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo said in a video message that targeting Chinese teachers outside Karachi University was “very reprehensible” and contrary to Baloch’s traditions. “It’s the first time I’ve seen an event like this,” he added.

Bizenjo said the country will win the war on terror.