Karachi ATC reserves verdict on whether Nazim Jokhio murder case falls under its jurisdiction – Pakistan

The Karachi Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) withheld a verdict on Chalan’s fate in the murder of Najim Jocchio on Friday, and investigators argued that the case had nothing to do with terrorism and should be tried. Session Court instead of ATC.

Nazim’s tortured body was discovered last November at a farmhouse belonging to the PPP MPA Jam Awais.

The victim’s brother, Abzal Jocchio, has named Awais, his older brother, MNA Jam Abdul Karim, and a security guard for the murder of 26-year-old Nazim. According to the First Intelligence Report (FIR), the death provoked outrage in lawmakers for preventing foreign guests from hunting the rare bird houbara bustard.

At today’s hearing, Judge ATC-XV, who is conducting a trial in a judicial complex within the Central Prison, heard arguments as to whether conducting the trial was within the court’s jurisdiction.

Inspector General Sirajuddin Lashari said the incident had nothing to do with acts of terrorism. Therefore, they argued that the case could be transferred from the Anti-Terrorism Court to the General Court of Session in order to proceed with the trial in accordance with the law.

Rehman Ghous, an advocate for Nazim’s widow Shirin Jokhio, also supported the IO’s position. He said the case was not in the terrorist’s domain and should be forwarded to the Court of Sessions.

However, lawyer Ali Asghar Narejo, who claimed to represent the victim’s widow, opposed the prosecution’s view. He argued that the crime against the accused fell within the meaning of terrorism, so the case was within the scope of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

He urged the judge to proceed with the trial in accordance with the law.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Mazhar Ali Junejo, also objected to the prosecution’s position. He argued that the accused should be charged with a terrorist offense because the brutal murder was intended to terrorize the community and the victims’ families.

The court said, “At the time when the charges were received, the investigator and the prosecution were also competing over the jurisdiction of this court, so it would be better to determine the jurisdiction first.”

Muhammad Jibran Nasir, a lawyer representing the National Human Rights Commission (NCHR), has urged the courts to decide on a client’s application to participate in the trial process. He argued that the group had a trajectory to participate in the case as an arbitrator.

However, the court said it would deal with the pending application after the jurisdiction of the court to preside over the case has been confirmed. He then withheld his sentence on May 10.